[A-RP] Love Is In the Air!

People of DMF/ER- I understand your servers have been quiet for some time (and blizzard really should merge us already -_-) But fear not - those who are seeking RP - I will take it upon myself and invite you to any open RP event that is run by our guild (Circle of Justice) over on defias et al. I want to say you and anyone on moonglade connected realms are very welcome to join us and have fun. SO, consider this a formal invitation to Love is in the Air party!


Percival waits until Kelinn has left the Recluse again, a grin across his face, he breaks into a dance…

‘‘Joachim…I did it! Come on, lets get the place sorted out for this, its going to be amazing!’’

‘Whats goin on Perci?’ Joachim asks…

‘Oh I’ve only gone and got us a PAARTY! How smooth am I?’

Joachim sighs, ‘where and when Perci?’

Well, thats the thing, I think I know just the old place for it too! Come on Ill show you…

The pair head out, Percival smug as hell!
Percival grins at Joachim

‘Well this is the place Jo, what do you think?’

Joachim looks around and nods
‘It is certainly big enough for your plans!’

'Then that’s it, we will hire this room, and send out the invitations for the party. It will have the fancy dress theme…


so we can all get dressed in all our fun gear! Maybe Kel will put up a prize? What do you think Jo?’

‘Sounds like fun Percival!’

(OOC: We will meet in the Black Temple’s ‘Den of Mortal Delights!’ (Icly it is a room in SW) Date: Sat 15th Feb, Time = 9 bells. A portal will be available for travel from 8:45 - 9pm only, otherwise you make your own way there.)

Open to all who wishes to join. Whisper Lioness-ScarshieldLegion for an invite and I will get you in!

~Event made and planned by the lovely lady- Kelinn Everstride. Thank you!~


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