[A-RP] Make Like a Tree

A leafy leaflet with moonglow ink is neatly placed on the local billboard:

My final lecture shall lead me astray,
with a dying plant that shall wither away.

It grew when our kisses were nocturnally new.
It grew in our hearts until Deathwing flew.

It grew in our glade where true love have been.
Now, it grows in the ruins of old Auberdine.

It grew in our home just for her and for me,
Now, it grows from the ashes where once stood a tree.

It grows even now from my tears of grief,
Will it grow when I make like a tree and leave?

Quest Objectives: Meet with the Botany Band in the Greenhouse at the Magus Commerce Exchange on the next Night of the Moon (28th of December 2020 at 20:00 server time). A full party of bodacious botanists, adventurous arborists or mythical mycologists are required for the lecture to take place. Sign up here before the end of the week!

  1. Dulvarinn Moonwalker
  2. Maradan
  3. Isilae Crystallya
  4. Helgi Helstrøm
  5. Morton West

The Botany Band is a roleplay guild with focus on adventurous study of plantlife. We welcome every friendly adventurer with a green thumb! :wilted_flower:


Sign me up, please!


Aaargh! This sounds fantastic, but I have a RL social (distancing) thing that evening.

Please, ye folks who are not otherwise occupied at the aforementioned time;

Make your seventh December evening this year
entertaining and exciting with the Botany Band!


Alas, too few green thumbs marks the registration charter for this event and so it will be postponed to the next lunar cycle. It is not easy being green! :wilted_flower:


This leafy lecture will instead be conducted on the 28th of December, if at least a third dozen of bodacious botanists sign up in this thread before the end of the week. Who is able and willing? :snowflake:


I wish to join you on this lecture!

Maradan signs his name on the paper and smiles


“I will make for the house of Green and join this lecture gladly!”


‘Greenhouse at eight it is’


When it is travelable for Yang, she will be there!


(Is it not travelable for Yang at the moment?)

A female orc dressed in leathers, stops and reads the leaflet. Her belt and her staff suggest that she follows the way of the monk.

“Oh, another one that allows … individuals who are not members of the Alliance.”

She signs up.

Muka Bloodgrin.


Yang’s level 29 should not constitute a problem here.


Now that the event is Alliance only, I shall parttake instead of Muka. I am fairly certain that I won’t be otherwise occupied, but if something does come up, I’ll just have to face the repercussions.

He scratches out Muka’s name, and writes his own.

Morton West.


‘Come on, Beart!’

The fiery dwarf turns on his heel, leaving his companions behind on the windy mountain top towering over Fort Wildervar. Anger is etched on the dwarf’s face as he turns his back and makes his way down the snowy path. The big brown bear looks back. In the icy fog, he can still make out the contours of Isilae, Morton, Dao, Yang, Maradan, and Dulvarinn. Snipper clicks his pincers in the distance, which might be a greeting of sorts. He turns and trots down the path. Catching up, he pushes his big black nose into the dwarf’s hand. The gesture goes all but unnoticed.

‘That’s that then…Alunaria, Hellbourne, Ethan, Mairead, Kitten, Arryl, Inkeri,…Dulvarinn.’

He looks up to the leaden sky, distracted by the light of the White Lady piercing the clouds. He stops for a second, seemingly hesitant to go forward.

'The long nights…They always bring tidings of change. ‘t would be nice for once, if it was merely the days getting longer.’

He lets out a deep sigh, his breath turning to icy fog on the cold air. The bear looks up expectantly, as if to ask ‘Are we going back to the others now?’ He ruffles the bear’s ripe covered coat, a determined look in his piercing green eye.

‘Ande’thoras-ethil, my friend’

Slowly and deliberately, he takes another step down the mountain.

Keep up, Beart!


Here come Dulvarinn’s screenshots! Pictured: the Botany Band freezing off their berries… :snowflake:


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