[A-RP] Merry Winters Veil to All!

It is the season for giving, where ever you are and whoever you’re with. May your travels be safe, your presents plentiful and your pets warm and comfy!

The Eve of Winters Veil is a magical night above all others, and so we invite you to join us for a hot mug of mulled wine, some good music and great company down at the Pig and Whistle. Inkeeper Tillman promises to keep the tavern’s doors open long into the night for all wayward travelers to pull up a chair by the hearth.

And what’s more, at the stroke of midnight on the Eve of Winters Veil, none other than Greatfather Winter* himself is set to pay a visit with a sack brimming with presents**!

When: 24th of December from 20:00 onwards
Where: The Pig and Whistle tavern, Stormwind

This is a night of casual roleplay, an invitation that goes out to everyone. To you! For you. So why not stop on by for a quick dose of festive roleplay before your relatives whisk you off the computer to go socialize in the real world?

Spread the message, tell your friends! Join us on the server discord***!

And last, but not least. Where ever you are on Christmas Eve; We wish you a merry Christmas indeed.

*Greatfather Wunter is a Greatfather Winter impersonator and in no way claims to be the actual, mystical Greatfather Winter. His contract with the Pig and Whistle demands payment in ale and pork.
**We’ll be handing out real, physical presents on the night. I’ve personally got a lot of novelty stuff stored away, but more donations of gift-wrapped goods are much welcome!
***Seriously, someone post up a link to our server RP discord. It exists, and I want to be part of it!

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Oiy! Make that Innkeeper Curtes! Is Tillman an impersonator or something like this greatfather wunter?!

Hey now, Greatfather Wunter might be a novelty act for all the family, but Inkeeper Maegan Tillman is the real deal! I also hear she makes a lovely buttery wheat roll.

Dail, this is the link to the server discord: discord dot gg slash uf2zAnb

Merry Christmas :christmas_tree:

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