[A-RP] <Old Town Scoundrels>


Old Town Scoundrels is looking for troublemakers, criminals, or just people down on their luck trying to survive in the slums!

We’re a new guild based around Old Town, and operating from the Pig and Whistle Tavern. The guild is less of an IC identity, and more a group of people who work together to make a bit of extra coin under the table. To this end, several of its members also work within the tavern, which is how a lot of our events, contacts, and general RP comes to be.

If you’ve wanted to RP a criminal that isn’t quite in the extremes of the Defias, just someone with a bit of a shady background, or you just want to be a barkeep in the slums, then bring them on by!

Events will be advertised in advance here and on the Hydraxian Waterlords discord server, although sometimes we may open the Pig and Whistle for buisiness on a whim for some spontaneus Rp. It never hurts to keep your eyes and ears open when in Old Town and thirsty for an ale or two.

Note: We don’t claim to “own” the Pig and Whistle, we just work there sometimes and use it as a base of operations. Our aim is to try and do our part to make the Old Town district of Stormwind a busy place, a “RP hotspot” if you will, and are more than happy to cooperate with other guilds.