[A-RP/PVP] Alliance War Council - 8th of December

[A-RP] ALLIANCE WAR COUNCIL - Sunday 8th of December 20:00 ST

"Dear members of the Alliance, I am writing you on this eve’ with a heavy heart, for I must call upon you all for aid. Hear my words and hear them true.

It has been moons since our last war council and although I strongly believe we must solidify our bonds, plan accordingly and stay connected, I write to you now for entirely selfish reasons, but we are all in danger.
The Forsaken have laid siege on Ashenvale, they took one of our sisters and I believe that this is just the start. Word from far tells us that they are after an artefact of old; The Conduit of Stars. This tablet was once “cursed” with a drop from the well of eternity, infused with arcane powers. Legend has it that it has the ability to open portals to other worlds, once used to summon demon generals by the Queen’s court. To those who know, the horde had already gotten their hands on another artefact; “The Green Eye Menace”. If they were to use the two in conjunction with each other I fear for what could happen, would they be able to summon anyone on a whim?

Please, leaders of the Alliance, righteous of Azeroth, let us coalesce once more. I beseech you humbly, let us stand together as we did by Nordrassil, we need your help.

The horde are gathering their forces to storm the beaches of Azshara, where the tablet is said to be buried. We must plan an attack, an ambush great in numbers.
I understand what I am asking, the true risk of it all. But I promise, the danger would be far greater if we let the horde rampage freely. They have taken much; they will not take more.

Join us in Darnassus for the next council meeting, where we listen to your plea’s and make our own. Sunday the 8th by the 8th bell, Temple of the Moon.

We, from the Silverleaf Grove will forever be in your debt should you lend your swords. Forever bound by duty and honour, we will come at your call to action in return."

Eeria Winterblossom,
Grove Priestess of the Silverleaf Sentinels.

The aim is as it has always been, to gather RP guilds and intertwine our stories.
This particular council meeting has been called for in order to host a grand-scale, story-driven PVP event vs the Horde to take place in Azshara on Friday the 13th.
To keep things concise, we ask each leader to submit any talking points or concerns ahead of time. Those who wish to bring forth separate planned events or ideas of their own, we ask you to please submit these ahead of time so they may be added to the agenda of the proceedings. Any other business not submitted prior will have to wait until the conclusion of the formal meeting schedule. (All submissions should be in by the 6th).
Please limit yourselves to a single trusted advisor who may take a speaking role in the proceedings. Although all are welcome to attend, we ask extra guests to remain silent while the council remains in order.

Discussions about the PVP event on the 13th have taken place behind the scenes with the Horde guild “Gravediggers”, who have promised their cooperation for a clean duel; raid vs raid. Two prior events will lead up to this crescendo, please do come join in for the final battle!
Since phase 2 has commenced we ask every attendee of the RP/PVP to be at least level 51 and above.

War Council meeting:
8th of December, 8PM ST.
Darnassus – Temple of the Moon.

Storydriven RP/PVP Battle:
13th of December, 7PM ST.

Please message Eeria in-game or at: ZoeMoon#7146 on Discord if you and yours are attending. Alternatively, If the message does not seem to reach me, you can contact Wilcuss (@Wilcuss#2708) and your message will be forwarded.

Hosted by:
Eeria / Silverleaf Sentinels
Wilcuss / Pertento


Hopefully we will have more events like this in the future, really like the idea of this small “war” type RP going on! :facepunch:


Sadly AFC raid times are 17:00 server time on Sundays, but assuming its acceptable I will attempt to attend late if the event is still going

Can’t believe a horde guild would participate in an event like this right now.

Considering the imbalance of the factions, the last thing we need is that the horde actively helps alliance do rp-events. We don’t need to give alliance reasons to stay on the server. Also even more arguments for people on crappy PvP-servers to roll on ZT, not only is the horde outnumbered, it also fights you when you want and where you want.

Also isn’t this just really demeaning? Just become a token horde for ally rp-events? Orc horde for hire for larping Helm’s Deep? Never, never for me at least.

Horde should boycott events like these.

Ah no! I have heard that a lot of guilds have their raiding days sunday. Perhaps we could bump it forward an hour?

Edit: I have changed it to 20:00. Hopefully this suits better.
I will relay the message.


This makes no sense at all?

If anything, this will be a great opportunity for Horde roleplayers to engage in balanced PvP as coordinated and settled on by the respective organizers on the Horde and the Alliance side. Meaning of course that it will be raid vs. raid in an ordered fashion, and that the whole issue of balance will be strictly addressed for once.

Horde and Alliance roleplayers ought to look at this as the blessing it is: A chance to engage in even PvP that is also anchored in roleplay and an actual storyline. To lash out at the effort to make such an event happen is just nonesense. It’s not an Alliance event with the Horde being pawns, it’s a Horde and Alliance event in equal parts.

Know that you have my staff, Silverleaf Sentinels. This band of unholy forsaken cretins must be dealt with. It was their choice to overstep the bounds of the treaty, and they will be made to understand that choice a fateful one.


Clearly you don’t belong to an RP-pvp server. There is currently free transfer to normal pvp servers. You probably should avail yourself of that. Seems you are one of those that rolled here to avoid the queues at launch when Blizz f****d it up with not enough servers, but with absolutely no interest whatsoever in RP of any kind.

I really wish people like you would eventually get off this server. (Not just Horde. Especially on Alliance side, in fact)

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The issue of imbalance on this server is caused partly because the horde players don’t engage like most other horde players on other servers.

They have enabled alliance, even before phase 2. They didn’t gank, grief and ruin the ally gaming experience enough, so it ended up with the opposite way on this server.

That is why the horde should not just protect themselves. If they can make the opponents’ gaming experience as uncomfortable as possible, the opponent will quit. If horde wants to fix the imbalance on their own, they should not only make their faction easier to play, they should also strive to make alliance as unplayable as they can.

That means not only hindering their experience in the world, but also not giving the opposing side anything fun or useful as much as they can, from HKs to resources… To rp-events.

Also what I mean as ‘token horde’ is this:

Can you really roleplay that you are a threat to alliance, when outside the event you are not?

The horde is a threat only in narrative, if in the gameworld they don’t have concrete, threatening presence. Maybe someone is content with that, only roleplaying that the alliance needs a warcouncil to deal with that, but I wouldn’t be.

Horde should be a real threat 24/7, not just something you roleplay when you feel like it.

Making one’s own narratives is the actual essence of any roleplaying… I don’t really… I mean… What are you even on about? You sound so sour, has the ganking really caused you this much ill?

In my opinion, if events like this one continue, we might even find us in a place where PvP-events in general are always sought coordinated in a fair way to compensate for differing numbers. If coordination and cooperation continues between Horde and Alliance guilds, perhaps even the mentality of some will change to the better. In extension of said change of mentality, perhaps ganking on both sides will start becoming shunned and frowned upon?

Cooperation and friendliness only ever bring good things and developments, I’ve found. Kudos to Gravediggers for initiating this effort, and for the Silverleafs du picking up on it.


Everyone can make up their personal narratives, but if the gameworld doesn’t reflect upon it, it’s hollow.

Anyway, all the horde-dominated servers are the ones where they don’t allow the opposing side to have a good gaming experience. This is the nature of this game on PvP-servers, rp or not. Horde should realise this as it’s proven it works.

Denying the opposing side to organise an rp-event is extreme, I know, but this is the mentality needed for if we want to stop being overwhelmed by alliance.

This is the mentality needed

if you want to hate the game and have no one to play with.

Please feel free to reroll on any number of Horde-dominated PVP servers, because you clearly aren’t happy here. Ruining someone else’s day isn’t going to make yours better. Interfering with RP events has zero impact on end-game areas, and if you really wanted to make a difference for your faction you should try to organize activity where it counts.


Noone from the opposite faction you mean.

True, you might not believe me but I don’t like griefing other people.

However, letting the opposing faction live let’s them to advance in the game, also advancing other people from their faction. This means you have given the opponent an advantage, which they can and most likely will, use against you and the people on your side.

Absolutely, just not with alliance as it benefits them as well. And we don’t want new people to this server to choose alliance as we are in direct competition with them.

First of all, great initiative in kicking off some RP on the Alliance side!

If I may offer some advice about what worked and what didn’t work for the Horde War Council, consider lifting restrictions on who can speak or how many can attend.

The goal of an RP event should not be to find the most efficient way to draw OOC decisions. The goal of a good RP event is to nurture RP so that people can improvise character development plots and future events from it. A server-wide event should aim to impact as many people possible (OOC’ly in a positive way) and aim to be a point of reference in a servers history.

By limiting the number of speakers to one, you are walling yourself off from inspiration. You also enforce guilds to only have one opinion per group of people. In effect, this ends up discouraging any kind of pluralist-view kinds of guilds on your faction.

Do you really only want guilds where each guildmember’s IC opinion is a carbon-copy of the guildmaster’s opinion?

Horde-side, we have a lot, an very frequent RP where characters from different guilds interact with one another. We also have regular-ish War Council meetings (having been through 4 of them already).

The first war council meeting we did had no restrictions on, it was free-form and unfiltered. It was also very chaotic, and people felt we should maybe restrict who can speak, limiting speakers to 1 person per guild.

What ended up happening was that the council just completely managed to isolate itself from the RP population of the server. That’s the precise opposite of a good RP event.

Please consider lifting this restriction. Most of the high-output, highly active Roleplayers on the horde-side that I know of fall well below that level range. They are active players in the realm; it’s just that they spend most of their energy roleplaying rather than levelling.

If you are going to organise an RP-PVP event, you need to set your priorities right:

  • Is this an event aimed at roleplayers?
  • Is this an event aimed at an OOC PVP confrontation, and you are asking roleplayers to respect the outcome of the event as IC lore?

Level restrictions might be going a bit too far in the way of “ensuring a fair fight” in an RP-PVP event. You shouldn’t be putting much energy into that though, because no matter what you do, the fight will always be unfair (and you will always have the possibility of ganker guilds gatecrashing the event anyway).

Instead you should try to make the event enjoyable for both the victor and the loser. If this is really an RP event, try to think of interesting outcomes for the losing faction to grab at and kick RP events off.

From the OOC side of things, all you really need to do is that people play nice against each other, and that you will not tolerate corpsecamping from either faction.

In short:
Don’t bother trying to make the event fair. Instead try to make the event fun and memorable for both possible outcomes for both factions

I think last week’s was better, no?

Here‘s what would happen if we were to take part in this: Your honor-starved pathetic tryhard rankers would gank us into oblivion and each of them would get 12 honor per kill.

First of all, thank you for your contribution and thorough analysis of the situation. It’s most helpful to have replies like this as you’re passing down your own experiences. I have taken them in to consideration.

I will suggest an open platform at the end of our proceedings, for all those who haven’t spoken to come forward and voice their own opinions, this will open up the floor yet keep the important aspects clutter free. I do believe in the limitation, though two speakers not one.

Please limit yourselves to a single trusted advisor who may take a speaking role in the proceedings. Although all are welcome to attend, we ask extra guests to remain silent while the council remains in order.

This above statement means that the leader of their cadre, plus their trusted advisor may speak during the formal section of the meeting.
As stated, I will add an open platform at the end, to encourage healthy discussion and polarised discourse.

As for the level-cap. Perhaps you are right, perhaps I shouldn’t have restricted it in favour of fairness, though I do not know how the other leaders feel about this, I will bring it up and see what they think. My first priority is indeed roleplay, and not PVP.

Instead you should try to make the event enjoyable for both the victor and the loser. If this is really an RP event, try to think of interesting outcomes for the losing faction to grab at and kick RP events off.

We have already discussed possible IC outcomes and both sides are happy to face repercussions, this happened prior in the planning phase, leading up to the event. Furthermore, there are a handful events that will transpire prior to this one, which is what sparked the call for a council meeting in the first place.

I thank you for taking the time to help us!
For the RP!

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Last week’s council was good.

I was referring to the in-between councils (hillsbrad, and the semi-council thing at Orgrimmar) where there was no audience, and no active participation other than the speakers of each guild/clan.

I do have a suggestion that might allow observers to roleplay and chat among themselves without cluttering the public chat: utilize the raid groups.

Divide groups of five across the room, and have them converse among themselves in their designated /party-chat. IC, this will of course be excused by the fact that they are whispering, and that only those close enough (party) are able to make out what they’re saying.


I highly recommend getting Listener addon for Classic:
www.curseforge .com /wow/addons/listener-classic/

Use the snooper window, and you’re never going to have issues with cluttered chat.