[A-RP] Roleplaying the leveling experience in a community

Hi everyone !

We are currently looking for people to join us in our leveling experience !

Do you enjoy the leveling content ? Do you wish you had more incentive to explore your profession as you level up ? Would you like every elite quest and every dungeon to be an actual challenge with real stakes ? Do you want to create strong bonds with leveling partners and to create great memories along the way ? Do you want to accomplish something unique ?
Then come join our adventure !

The rules are very simple, you have one life. If you are fortunate enough to receive a resurrection before your spirit leaves your body, then you’re back in the game, otherwise you’re out, and maybe you’ll have better chance in the next life.

We would love to create a growing community of invested adventurers who explore the land together and help each others as they progress. (but there would be no need to play with someone else constantly, you could play alone if you’re brave enough, and only request help from the community -aka guild- whenever you need it)

So come create a new character with us and let’s survive together ! You can respond here or add Lostlook#4314 on discord if you’re interested :slight_smile:

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