[A-RP] Scarlet Note - "In Aid to the Light"

Among many notes attached to the Alliance cities’ note-boards one stands out, by a clear-red font of it’s letters.

Citizens of the Alliance!

The Scarlet Crusade continues to contain endless horrors of the demonic Plague brought upon human kingdoms of the north as aftermath of the Third War.

Now You can give aid to our holy Crusade.

In an effort to combat growing spread of undead taint The Tirisfal Legion begins accepting contained essences of undeath, acquired from slaying powerful undead monstrosities still bearing necromantic residue delivered by Alliance adventurers as proof of their kill.

Every scarlet crusader of Tirisfal Legion will readily accept well bottled “Essence of Undeath” and “Ichor of Undeath” from Alliance adventurers for proper neutralization and delivery of these items to their superiors with note of deliverer’s good name.

Adventurers are not to request a reward upon delivery, yet they can be assured that their deeds will be noted and a scarlet crusader with fitting reward will then find them with every stage of reputation.

If you are a representative of the one of the esteemed adventurer groups you may be sought out by a scarlet emissary with an offer of a more complex quest in the aid of the Holy Light, or at any time you may seek them yourself for you or your group to recieve such a quest in immediate manner.

With high enough standing of you or your group also comes recognition of one’s deeds with ability to access a limited amount of the Crusade’s holdings, services, as well as finally, an honour to recieve aid and protection of scarlet crusaders in your time of need.

Signed: Knight-Captain Sepoficus Cassian of Tirisfal Legion

P.S: For safety reasons, The Scarlet Crusade still maintains a strict Quarantine over the plagued land of Lordaeron, especially around it’s most heavily populated strongholds.
It is advised to approah a scarlet crusader in respectable distance from such holds until you gain enough renown to offer your aid or seek out a Scarlet Emissary.

Thank you for attention. Naturally you cannot hand these items to any NPC scarlet crusader, so when you wish to do such, please find a guild member of “The Scarlet Crusade” guild through the “Who” tab and arrange an IC meeting with them.
With the delivery of requested items and other IC aid to the Crusade, your reputation will grow in a tracked list.
You can participate in item hunt, scarlet quests or reputation grind regardless of your Alliance race.
The full reward list is for you to find out and may in some cases be more personal/situational.

A Quest that you may recieve from a Scarlet Emissary will be of a very light weighted manner yet with a wast variety of prepared options within your level-range.
During such quests, you need not think or role-play hard, trying to make things difficult and exciting for yourself or your group (though you can), just get in and get out.
Think of them as Skyrim’s radiant quests system which you can take when you feel like it and have something to do when you are out of ideas or RP.
As with wanted item delivery, such quests will reward a tracked reputation with Scarlet Crusade for you or your group which will result in more physical rewards later on.


Status Report - Sorrow Hill by Crusader Justine Lumiére

  • Initial scouting revealed scourge presence surrounding the tomb of the lightbringer, the mass of undead taint can be considered modest with no apparant necromancer or equivalent sub-leader of the dammed. As such i report that its very likely this throng serves as a buffer to the fallen city of Andorhall.

Unable to tolerate this sea of filth, common amongst much of Lordaeron yet truly unacceptable so close to a holy site, i set out to purge the hill of any undead taint i could come across.
The task remains incomplete as i with much shame must admit my perseverence and faith alone was unable to truly rout out the wicked.

However, during severe fighting in the midst of filth i received aid from a dwarf, Calling himself ‘Lighto’, this appears to have been an auspicious name and my natural reservation yielded when i witnessed him wielding the holy light in battle, as well professing to the Three virtues.
Be it the lights will or my failing i will let the priests decide, but i accepted the dwarves aid and together we scoured much of the hill from the undead taint.

I understand that this might be considered controversial and it is only due to what followed i truly feel the need to pen these interactions.
As my strength finally failed i could see amongst bones of broken bones and decaying flesh, that our joined effort had indeed borne fruit, and interpreting it as the lights will, i accepted when the dwarven paladin, offered to join him on a minor pilgrimage to the Lighbringers Tomb, that we may pray and reinforce our conviction.

This is fear was a mistake on my path, allowing the dwarf to lead the prayer, he involved the apostate Fordring the senior as a sainted figure, naturally i refused to recite such heresy and instead replaced the darkened name with that of the light, still soft with thankfulness over his previous aid i allowed him to finish.

I was by now naturally guarded, yet prepared to part ways with the dwarf as he cited the lights Calling pulling him away, he did however ask me a question, now this was not a question that i found strange, indeed it is one commonly asked of the young.

The Dwarf asked me which of the Three virtues that was the hardest to adhere to, naturally, i answered tenacity, as such is an ever present test upon our immortal souls here in Lordaeron.

This apparantly did not suit the dwarf who sought fit to correct me that it was compassion, and to extension forgiveness that was the one that demanded the most effort.
Realising now that the Paladin from Ironforge professed to the apostate interprations of the South, where forgiveness is handed out readily and freely, like bread during a Royal wedding, or like a shower during rain, i knew i had made a mistake in accepting his aid as his strange notions know tainted my soul.

I will request a thorough confession on my return,
Light will it,

Justine Lumiére*

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