[A-RP] Stalwart Eagle

Sons and Daughters of the north. Lions of Stormwind.
I write this to you, to ask of your aid.
The northern lands are ravaged by the wild scourge and destructive horde. The Crusaders of the Crimson flame cant keep the undead contained anylonger. It is time we take action.
I am Sergeant Alansen Atherton, Sergeant of his majesty King Terenas II army. I fought the horde. I have fought the undead and now I ask of you, to join me in this war.
The Lordaeron eagle is rising again, and I need you, the son and daugther of the alliance, to aid me. Together we can do the lights bidding. Together we can restore and reform a kingdom lost to disease and darkness.
For Lordaeron, For the Alliance!
The Stalwart Eagle is a heavy rp-guild focused on Lordaeron based rp.
The guild is led by Sergeant Alansen Atherton, a sergeant in the old Lordaeron army. The guild is focused on both a militairy branch and a civilian branch. The militairy branch is the people seeking to combat the undead, scourge and whoever might threaten the lordaeron people. The civilian branch is essentially the people whose life we seek to restore/preserve/reestablish in the broken wastelands to the north.
The guild will focus on of course the struggle in the north and the way to get there. Adventure to grow strong, recruitment to grow bigger and campaings to help around Stormwind or Lordaeron to show, the Lordaeron eagle still has its talons.
Of course, we will run non-rp things. I know people are here to enjoy the game and do PvE/PvP and I am of course, also ready to run this, from time to time.

Discord link
All under construction


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