[A-RP] Stormwind Market

A little dwarf has been standing in the Trade District handing out flyers to passers by.

The Flyer reads as follows:
Come one, come all!
Visit the Grand Stromwind market!
From the smallest gnome to the tallest Draenei- everyone is welcome.
Grab a drink, get your fortune told, and Join the fun!

The market will take place on 8th of March-9 bells.
Location will be up in the hills behind the Recluse In the Mage Quarter. (where the tents and portal are) You will have to ooc fly there, but for IC purposes there is the portal and a FP
Hosted over on Defias Brotherhood server - By the guild “Circle of Justice” (SW. WM ON)

I will be your middleman, My name is Lioness-ScarshieldLegion and I will invite anyone who is interested and we can phase in and have some fun!

We are looking for people willing to run a stall, selling all sorts of goods. OR just come as visitors or shoppers, that is completely fine too.

** TRP items are also fun and welcome for this event. **

Some ideas you could do…

Special runes or wards / Rare animal skins/ Rare pets / Prosthetics / Potions for numerous things/ Specialised Arrows/ Azerite (!)/ Plants /Magical clothing or weapons etc, etc.

You can also sell some … less legal goods, but be sure not to be caught!

Those are just some ideas, you can come up with anything you wish on your own! But do comment if you wish to run a stall - so I can arrange it with CoJ so they know too!

Hope to see you there!

The Recluse Bar - Kel/Percival
Rocks n Pretty things = Alexandra Rivershield
Bakery goods = Saaris Summerpetal
Fortune Teller = Cathryn
Tailoring Services - Zaggi Tinkerwatt

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