[A-RP] The Golden Archer - Gourmet Restaurant RP

The Golden Archer is open every Thursday from 20:00 - 22:00 server time. Find us in the Stormwind Park!


A polite cheer resounds amidst the clinking of wineglasses as a toast is raised around a table set with fine silverware and laden with an elegant sufficiency of haute cuisine. In the background, a musician plays soft, ambient melodies. The guests enjoy their meals, making polite conversation and discussing the latest developments in their business interests, or changes in the political landscape.

This is The Golden Archer, and it is not your typical tavern! The guests here are not average, downtrodden commoners. The Golden Archer is renowned for catering to those with wealth and influence in the Alliance, and everyone who is anyone is eager to reserve a table there and be seen as a success.


Hello everyone! The Golden Archer is a heavy RP guild themed around a high-class restaurant which provides haute cuisine and a social environment for player characters who want a touch of class. We hold regular public events in the Stormwind Park, an are up for hire from other groups and guilds to cater for their banquets or other events.

The main aim is to create an environment which encourages RP and intruige for characters that might feel out of place in a bawdy tavern. As such, we are recruiting characters who are interested in working as chefs (preparing haute cuisine and designing innovative new menus), waiters (serving tables and making the guests feel posh and important), security (barring “undesirables” from the establishment) and more! It goes without saying that you might overhear all sorts of interesting tidbits working in a place like The Golden Archer, who knows what you might get wrapped up in…?

Anyone interested in applying should contact me, Cilla, in-game or via Discord (you can find me in the Hydraxian Waterlords Discord server!)


The Golden Archer is now taking table reservations for our weekly Thursday opening hours!

Please bear in mind that the restaurant is open from 20:00 - 22:00 every Thursday, with an expected meal duration of 40mins - 1hr. Therefore all reservations must be booked for 20:00 or 21:00 server time to avoid exceeding the restaurant closing time. Reservations will be held for a maximum of 10 minutes after the reservation time before the reservation is presumed cancelled and your seats become available to the public.

To book a table please contact me in game or via Discord. The information required to make a reservations includes:

  • Number of Guests.
  • Hour of arrival.
  • Any IC dietary requirements.


The Golden Archer can now be hired for private functions and events outside of our normal opening hours on Thursdays. We can cater for your event in our regular restaurant premesis, or travel to a venue of your choosing to provide high quality catering.

Contact me in game or on Discord to discuss the details of your private function.


Aye, ‘is be Thorshjelm, father o’ Odinsko Thorshjelmsen. I 'eard many good things about ‘is first day o’ work!

Keep it up aye!

The grand opening of The Golden Archer has been annouced for Thursday 21st November!

We have a good sized team of chefs and waiters now, but there’s still room for more! We could also make use of security staff to watch over the entrance and ensure the safety of our guests and staff, and entertainers to enhance the experience for our guests!

If interested please get in touch with me in game (Cilla) or via Discord (Moroseth#1716)

And a lovely opening night it was! I highly recommend this place if you want a fine meal and top service.

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The grand opening was a huge success! We served an estimated 30+ diners and received a ton of positive feedback! Thank you!

The Golden Archer will now be open weekly on Thursdays 20:00-22:00 server time!


WoW RP noob question: do you prepare meals with the cooking craft + what u get from vendors and such? That sounds super cool. Basically u rpers use the server as a giant dollhouse, am I correct? What is cooler then this :grinning: This really hypes me up for this game. :slight_smile:

The Golden Archer is a lovely RP experience! It’s well worth a visit from anyone who has the imagination to see beyond a game’s trivial mechanics and the ability to immerse themselves. (Read that: they can RP). So check it out!

Is this still a thing?
Cause it sounds nice. :slight_smile:

//Serenity Morrowlight

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