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Founded: 8th May, 2008

“I believe that you will find that my gift to you is not just a profound duty - which it is - but also a delight - which it is! Magic must be regulated, managed, and controlled. But it must also be appreciated and valued and not hoarded. Such is the contradiction you must deal with. May you be dutiful … and joyous both.” - Blessing of the Blue Aspect


2800 years ago man and elf fought side by side in the Troll Wars. Ancient past aside, the political and cultural effects are still felt to this day and has defined the history of the Eastern Kingdoms and with it, the rest of Azeroth. Human expansion in particular was attributed to the protection magic could now offer settlers, but despite of this, wizards found themselves facing a growing distrust from their comrades and under the leadership of Ardogan, they banded together and formed the second city state after Strom - Dalaran.

The wizards, in time called the Kirin Tor, devoted their skills to collect, study and catalog every spell, artefact, and arcane phenomenons. Thus the wealth and might of Dalaran grew. Its spires rose high to the heavens and the Violet Citadel was built to stand as the forefront to all arcane studies. Over the many years to come they would see to the safety of Lordaeron, develop spells into levels not seen since the Sundering and they gave a number of their own to form the legendary and secretive Order of Tirisfal. In the Second War the magical might of Dalaran was welcomed on every battlefield, and they remained staunch members of the Alliance of Lordaeron in the turbulent times that followed.

The potential for wizards to influence the outcome of battle was something no nation on Azeroth could afford to ignore and several armies often had the aid of mages. Evokers were most common, simply for the potential their spells have of inflicting a great amount of damage to a large number of enemies. Still, all schools of magic found their applications in warfare.

The Brotherhood of the Warmages of the Kirin Dal (or simply ‘the Kirin Dal’) is a sub-branch of the Kirin Tor dedicated to expertise in magical warfare and learning. Its members are not only scholars, but also soldiers, and several of the senior members are veterans from the Second and Third Wars. In addition to field duty in times of war, the Kirin Dal also pursue the studious avenues of magic and each one swears a binding oath of service to Dalaran. In this role the wizards of the Kirin Dal serve as scholars, warmages, and even spies.

Together, these mages form a cadre of battle-hardened, magical combatants and investigators who serve a major role in maintaining the traditional values of Dalaran and strive to be exemplars of disciplined, skilled and loyal defenders of the kingdom. Against open (as well as subtle) threats, they act as the magical sword and shield of the Magocracy.

As such, most members of the Kirin Dal work proactively to seek out magical artefacts in order to prevent them from falling into the wrong hands which can cause severe harm to the kingdom, controlling the situation before greater force and attention is required.

General Information:

The Kirin Dal is a roleplaying guild here to fill the gap of your traditional, scholary ‘mage guild’ with added touches of militaristic and investigative aspects. Formed as a guild back on Argent Dawn in the Burning Crusade (2008) it is a guild reborn on Hydraxian Waterlords because we, its members, really desire to roleplay within the classic world design we all know and love.

Some people prefer to look at the guild as a “military-Kirin Tor” or purely scholary guild, but the Kirin Dal actually offers a broad spectrum in terms of what makes mage-roleplay enjoyable and can have an appeal for a large variety of wizardly characters. That being said, the order naturally falls in line with the rest of the Kirin Tor and does not accept rogue magisters and practitioners of magic not accepted by the Magocracy (i.e. fel magic, necromancy, and shadow magic).

Given that Dalaran is currently being rebuilt, and still has lingering ties with the Alliance, we will be hosting and participating in a broad array of events. A top priority of the order is to root out any threat that would fall upon Dalaran, however the legacy of the order is to study, catalog and collect every phenomenon, spell or artefact. We are also a group of meddlers in practically anything, so expect a lot of snooping around as well!

We accept roleplayers who prefer to portray more experienced characters, as well as those who are more interested in the “apprentice” role. We have often been asked how we handle the education of apprentices in the past and we have a fairly simple fomular, detailed in documents attached to our AA page. Feel free to ask for a link for that in-game. On that page, you will also find another document, which explains how to apply to the guild.

OOC Guidelines:

As a roleplaying guild, our main goal is naturally to have an enjoyable and immersive experience during and outside of events. To this end, we only seek members who can live up to the following criteria:

  • A good attitude!
  • The realisation that magic is a powerful and dangerous tool to use. You don’t just juggle a couple of fireballs with ease.
  • A firm grasp of the English language - knowing how to formulate yourself through emotes and the like. Use of letters (eight, twenty-four, thirty) instead of numbers (8, 24, 30).
  • Knowledge of the lore of the Warcraft universe.
  • We only accept mages.

If you have any further questions not answered here, feel free to whisper any of us in-game!
Valven & Brightfield

The Guild Index
The Guild Index

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As the co-leader and co-founder of the former Kirin Tor guild ‘‘Der Violette Zirkel’’ (The Violet Circle) on Die Aldor - EU, I’ll most certainly be in touch with you! I’d bet that my experience with plot-crafting, magocratic lore and mage RP in general would be beneficial for you!

For Dalaran and for the Kirin Tor!

Vevia Montmartem
Expert in the fields of Transmutation and Enchantment - and of course, magocratic fashion icon.


Good to see you guys here. :slight_smile:

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Happy for the replies here, as well as all of the whispers!

To answer a question I get frequently - no, this incarnation of the Kirin Dal will not have rank-based uniforms; we’re simply going for a purple/violet theme.


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Best of luck there, Valvo, I hope this time around it will be all fun and no work.

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Just a little welcome note to Ellender, Josephine and Adeliran, the first of many recruits to join the Classic Kirin Dal! We will be properly starting RP via our first event on the 5th November, but in the meanwhile you can find some of us hanging around Stormwind studying, amongst other things. Don’t be a stranger, IC or OOC :slight_smile: