[A-RP] <The Lazy Oak> Bounty Hunters


"Hear down the road that merry din
of little old Southshore’s Lazy Oak inn,
and hidden away beneath her malt
is a little old way to earn your salt."

Hello Hydraxian Waterlords! With everyone making their way towards 60, it’s about time we introduce ourselves to the RPers of the realm.

As part of the “Survivors of Lordaeron” initiative, the Lazy Oak is a guild comprised of bounty hunters and tavern-staff created to give an air of life and song to the nameless inn at Southshore.

IC information:

The Lazy Oak Inn

In the bumbling seaside town of Southshore is a quaint tavern-inn by the name of “The Lazy Oak,” bereft of the garish blues and yellows of the King’s colours and left instead with its rooftop bare to pale in the wintry sun of Hillsbrad.

With the region thriving in trade and farm and militant affairs, the Lazy Oak is port of call for many-a dockside sailor and saddle-tramping traveller. She has long earned her name, left unlicked by paint for some ten years, but as the curious elves of the west do say: our trees know more than we, funny as they might look and hard as they might fall, every tree has an awful lot more secrets than us all.

But it’s no secret to any man that trades in his fight that the Lazy Oak is harbour to a nameless band of mercenaries, with its innkeeper trading out bounties to willing warriors and wizards for shares and the sheriff.

Lazy Oak Bounties

In better days, taverns and inns were left to their finest devices: to make merry and laughter, but as it so happens, local grounds of most every human realm have found themselves tormented and plagued by brigands, beasts and monsters - monsters not even an old fishwife’s broomstick could brush away. When a farmer finds his potatoes sacked by underground kobolds or a bear tragically invites itself into a forest home, what’s the quickest way to sort things out? Bounties and contracts work their ways quicker than any lawman could. A deal in life for gold - a sorry old fortune to measure, but a fortune all the same if done well.

The Lazy Oak Inn has the grand honour of hosting Southshore’s bounty board. Whether a regular coffin-wagger or a passerby looking for an extra buck, the innkeeper, Cornelius, has you covered.

The Bounty Hunters

The life of a mercenary is the life of a free man, working for who you want, when you want, for the good of the region — but what if you want a little something more? Regular contract-hoggers can find themselves a nice little bunk in the Lazy Oak’s lodgings if they’d like it; rumour has it, there’s a group of bounty hunters in cahoots with the marshal who get themselves priority on a great many contracts, foreign and local both. For a lonely fortune hunter, it might be worth looking into finding this like minded company.

If interested, throw Maria or Cornelius a whisper ingame, or get in touch with mudkip#9121 on Discord. There will be a reserved cap on members to retain a ‘personal’ DnD party feel.

OOC information:

Our Intent

‘The Lazy Oak’ as a guild is a plan to provide day to day inn RP and regular DM events for both players actively involved and not involved in the Southshore initiative. The guild will be providing bounty contract events for anyone who wishes to partake - with a given attendance cap from plot to plot, and priority given to official guild members.

These bounties could string from one-night ‘in and out’ RP hunting down a troublesome hill-spider, or extended plots that require players to solve puzzles and find clues over time to reach their goal.

Bounties, after being presented to guild members and letting them sign up first, will be presented in a TBD channel in the Southshore initiative Discord, and offered to roleplayers ingame who might wander into the Lazy Oak - to note, the nameless tavern in Southshore, Hillsbrad Foothills. Once signed up, you will receive an invite and you’re welcome to attend when the time/date comes around. You are NOT required to be part of the guild; anyone and everyone is welcome to join in.

Anyone is welcome to present events for the bounty board, whether to be hosted or host them themselves. Contact the guild to give your ideas. Better yet, if your character is in a spot of trouble and needs to hire some mercenaries for numbers or just put out a contract to get the job done, what better place to come?

Why join?

While it’s promising for wanderers and noncommittal characters to sign up to bounty events as they so please, some people like a solid, steady group for their adventuring characters. The Lazy Oak will be a filtered group of RPers capped at a small number for a ‘DnD party’ feel. If you want to experience the Classic air of roaming and roving without any smothering loyalties to lord or cause or king, this might be the place for you.

Not all bounty events will be open to the public, and not all events will be bounties, per se. Anything goes in a band of freeriders. Plot will be presented through RP, and personal to your character and the group.

Private events for the guild will be given with said DnD style, with a simplified, though personalisable character sheet for each member. Events will work quite like a dungeon; work together to defeat the bad guy, show your initiative and be active in plots to gain experience, and pick up loot for your character along the way.

Public bounties will not share the use of character class attributes.

The guild is not limited by race whatsoever or class within reason.


Looking forward to hearing from any and all new applicants! :slight_smile:


Exciting :open_mouth:


My dwarf is certainly eager to share an ale or hunt a troublesome bear with anyone visiting the Lazy Oak!


I really love Tavern RP, especially when nost Characters are adventurous and may speak of their travels. Love this.

Good luck!


wow look how cool this concept is


is that omass from southshore, part of the survivors of lordaeron initiative?


Had a fun night of RP last night, with the staff of The Lazy Oak providing plenty of drinks for everyone.


After a great night of RP in Southshore last night with the Survivors of Lordaeron, we are officially closed for recruitment for our bounty hunting team!
However, after finding ourselves overwhelmed with the popularity of Southshore as a hub, we are looking for bar staff! Cooks, barmaids, bards and bookers, everyone is welcome to try their hand at the Lazy Oak Inn, and enjoy the wonderful community of active and dedicated RPers up in Hillsbrad.
Just whisper Maria or Cornelius ingame, or contact mudkip#9121 on Discord if you’re interested.