[A-RP] The Scarlet Crusade calls for you

(First off, sorry for bad english. English is not my mother language)

As part of the bigger guild, The Scarlet Crusade, I am now bringing out one of the smaller groups of the guild.
The Initiates of the Scarlet Pallisade.

Not everyone here knows the ways of the Scarlet Crusade, not everyone here knows how the crusade was, and some here just want to relive old times. Old and new are welcome here.

This group will be lead by Crusader-Sergeant (original rank name, I know :slight_smile: ) Alansen Atherton and together we will evolve our characters as the crusade enter its not so bright future in Lordaeron (Depending on the point of view of course)

Everyone has to start as a initiate at some point, so if you want to try it out, do send me a whisper in game and eventually, we will have whipped you into a proper light-fearing crusader of the flame.

Do you need the Scarlet Tabard to be a proper part of this?
No, as you will not be handed one ic before you have earned it.
Uniform? Not really one set yet, as hard times have hit the north and initiates will wear whatever scraps they managed to find on their way to the palisade. Eventually, one will be handed out, but that is in due time, should one manage to follow the Scarlet path.
Together we will evolve a character, fit the crusade or perish in the attempt.

Light wills it.
Alansen Atherton.


Glory to the Crusade Brother.

I am ready to undertake the oath and prove myself for the greater good!

Hail to the Flame that is sacred.

Recruitment have officially begun. For anyone who wishes to do so, Alansen is gathering people around Menethil until the 28th of December, when he will march north.
So, if you wish to join ic, please, do come by Menethil.
Do not worry, more chances will come in the future.