[A-RP] The Seventh Elwynn Division: One final return

Public knowledge
Following a meeting with Alliance High Command, which was brought into play by the constant fronts opening up around Azeroth, and other major threats that the Alliance Army cannot waste resources on dealing with, coupled with the heavy loss rate of Alliance lives. The previously decommissioned Seventh Elwynn Division was to be brought back into service under the name "Seventh Gilneas Division", by being merged with the remaining forces of the Gilnean unit under the leadership of Commander Thornton Marlbrough, who was responsible for the Seventh's decommission in the first place.
However the two Captains that had been brought forward by Alliance High Command to be second-in-command to Marlbrough quickly proved to High Command that this was not the most effective course of action, while exact details have been kept under wraps, Thornton Marlbrough has not been seen since the meeting.
Instead, the two Captains originally meant to be second-in-command have been put into direct leadership of the Seventh Elwynn Division, which is now re-commissioned, as the purpose a Seventh Gilneas Division was meant to serve hasn't gone anywhere. The Division is now under the command of Corthanis Fargrove, and he has noted that he intends to run the Division with the same vigour as Weratash Stormgate once did.


I have decided to bring back the Division one final time, just for BfA, this time with passion. I'm already trying to reach out to other guilds to work with them, rather than compete with them, I hope that the Seventh Elwynn Division can fit the role they originally played in the old days of Darkmoon Faire, but not as the "largest RP guild of its time", but as the special forces unit that operates across the Eastern Kingdoms.
Ghaddos was not an overall "good Commander", he was rather reckless, mentally unstable and with not much of a military background overall. He also didn't keep up any kind of relations with pretty much any other guild. As Fargrove, I intend to do the opposite. We've already confirmed some co-operation with the recent SI:7 guild, and I hope to get hold of a few others ASAP.

Actual Guild Information

The Seventh Elwynn Division has always been a military-style guild, but with more emphasis on a sort of special forces unit. They have usually served a specific purpose of some kind, when they were originally formed they were more omni-purpose, they later became more focused on northern expansion for the Alliance when under command of Weratash Stormgate, which was its prime days around patch 5.4, in much later times, Ghaddos Stormgate, brother to Weratash, simply tried to pull back together what his brother had, but no operations were had outside of Alliance territory save for the Search for Stormgate expedition shortly before the Legion's return. Following that, the Division played the role of a response team for the Legion attacks on Stormwind and surrounding areas, finally, during the early days of the Legionfall campaign, they operated alongside Gilnean forces at Greywatch in Stormheim.

The kind of RP we have had has mostly been event-centric, but originally we had a very large quantity of casual RP, and we promote this during this final run, too. Though, most of the casual RP will be in Stormwind with the rest of the server, or in our main base, which is Westbrook Garrison.

Westbrook Garrison has always been the home of the Division, there have been one or two other guilds we've shared with in the past, but as of recent there have been no guilds on either of our merged servers (ER/DMF) that have used the Garrison, so we don't see any reason why it shouldn't be again. If we do extend our operations to Kul'Tiras, we may make a secondary base there, and furthermore, we may be looking to bring back some of our secondary bases.

As for RP uniform, we aren't generally too bothered by what you wear, as long as it's sensible and fits an Alliance soldier kind of theme, we do have a standard uniform for anyone who doesn't have/doesn't know what kind of transmog to use. However, this may change if the guild gets too big and/or the transmog gets out of hand.


Who are you?
We're the Seventh Elwynn Division.

Who are YOU?
I'm probably best known for Weratash or Ghaddos, but some people know me as Marton Bodds, Boomcog, Gronntusk or even Genivour.

Why make the Division... AGAIN?
It's my ambition to have an active, and properly executed Division, I originally considered making it on Horde, but I actually know people here on Alliance, and if I'm doing it here, why not just use the original?

What are your plans for RP?
The first month or two will be an IC setup phase, where we essentially re-establish the Division and our supply lines, forge alliances and secure the surrounding areas, those raiders who raided our Garrison around a year ago are likely to be a good start! I also plan to afterwards have an EK (and maybe Kul'Tiras) centred RP, where we deal with threats to the Alliance and its armies before they can become a big problem. I also hope to bring some of our RP events to the public, and as well make collab events with other guilds such as the SI:7 guild that recently opened up.

Do you have a Discord server?
Yes, but you'd have to be a member of the guild to get in.

How does one sign up?
Contact me or another Division member either ingame or here, I may also be contacted on Discord, but I'd rather not post my Discord tag or the SED server publicly.
Best wishes and good luck from the SEV!
Moar meat for the grind-... ahem. I wish you the best of luck as well and a welcome back to ER/DMF.
are you guys active still?...i didn't see much activity on the roster
i'll assume no then..