[A RP} The Stormwind City Guard wants you!

Posters appear in the city

Stormwind wants you!

Join the City Guard Today!

With the ongoing war, and Guards being drafted to active front line duty, we need you to join the City Guard. Who knows what Horde insurgents are in the city? And we must not forget, with the city filling up with visitors and refugees, crime will be on the rise!

Uniform and training provided.
Good pay.
Regular meals.
A bed to sleep in (if required)

Join us at the city halls, Sunday evening, at 20:00!

((Whether you’ve had a guard before or not - we’re looking to boost our numbers. Old members are more than welcome, send us a wee alt and join in with our events now and again. Lets make the Stormwind City Guard great again!))

((Head over to our website to see the poster. Any questions, fire them in here!))

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