(A-RP) The Swineherd Inn (Grand Opening!)


Wonderful, thanks!!

(Lintian) #23

Reposting the link here, because it took me some searching in Discord and posts are easily lost there:




Somehow posted in the wrong thread, but since I’m here I might as well say this looks great! We unfortunately probably won’t interact much (since my guild is stuck in Lordaeron), but I wish you the best of luck anyway.


Considering the amount of people that showed up on the opening night, any plans to open up the Swineherd again in the near future? I would certainly make a visit again! :meat_on_bone: :beer:


The Swineherd is opening again this very sunday. 9pm Server Time.


Still picking the splintered remains of wood and lead pellets from her ruined garments

There was an issue.
It was not resolved.
Be warned.