(A-RP) The Swineherd Inn (Grand Opening!)



Thick mists shrouded the sky above the quiet district. Amongst the sound of the wind, footsteps could be heard on the street - but little to no sounds of any voice. The commotion of the working dwarves had slowly died down, and hardly anybody was seen on the streets again at this hour.

Yet, there in the distance, comforting lights and crashes of laughter would surround you as you decide to walk forward. A simple wooden sign would dangle near the doorway, as you came closer. “The Swineherd Inn”. Alongside the writings a portrait of a laughing swine could be seen.

The former sense of fear would quickly turn to an absolute contentment as the door of the Inn opened into your direction, a pair of cackling dwarves barched out and raised their mugs in celebration! Whilst the streets behind you remained misty, dark and cold, you decide to embark into the warmth of the Swineherd for a night of new memories.


Hello there Waterlords! Seeing as roleplay is still a rare sight on our realm, I’ve decided to come up with an initiative. Most of us are still bashing and slaughtering our way through the realm, but some of us are already eager to start and explore their newly made characters in the world of RP.

The Swineheard Inn was created to offer a place for adventurers to slow down and take a rest between their OOC questing and leveling. The Swineherd is nestled comfortably within the Dwarven District in Stormwind, which is a place most people can easily get to.

After the grand opening, I plan on running The Swineherd at least for a few months untill other hubs have settled down. This should be a nice solution for some of us roleplayers that’d like to take a moment to RP after a long day of questing.

Let me know what you think about this idea and let me know if you’ll come as well.

Thank you!

The Grand Opening of the Swineherd Inn:
Sunday the 1st of September, 2019 9th bell, Server Time.

Add Mauthe or Camiel if you’re interested in working at the Swineherd Inn.


nice!!! that’s great i’ll be there


Marvelous! Although I won’t be able to personally attend, I wish you all the luck and so a lot of fun!


I want to attend!

Does “9th bell” refer to 9 am? 9 pm? something else?


9PM Realm time, I’m assuming.


Hey! Yes, it means 9pm Realm Time. See you there!


Bolgrim will be there, swinging a few mugs of ale!


Great Bolgrim! I’m looking forward to it. :slight_smile:

In other news! We have a few new employees that you’ll surely meet tonight and as well a confirmed 24 guests that will come for a drink tonight.

See you all there! I’m looking forward to it.


Can’t guarantee my attendance but I’ll do my best to pop in!


Sadly I couldn’t make it to the other event yesterday but hoping to be at this one tonight! Hurrah for my fellow Dwarves!


What a refreshing place! Literally! A fine establishment ye have there!
But I will never every touch this special dark ale again. It is doing weird stuff to elvish brains ye know?


The attendance was great, and the RP quality was impressive. Got high hopes for Waterlads!


Unfortunately I only had time to attend for 20 minutes, but as an old-timer WoW Roleplayer who left the game over 10 years ago, this brought back sweet memories! Really looking forward for the things to come on the Waterlads! :wink: ))


I had a great time at the Swineherd, and so did Bolgrim! But I fear he will have a rather nasty headache tomorrow :partying_face:


Yes, my Elf already heard many stories about the dark ale sold at that place, but those didn’t do the real thing any justice. Please let him sleep at that table and don’t just throw him out at closing hour into the backyard in that condition!
“A good innkeeper knows the needs of his guests during their visit. A perfect innkeeper also knows the needs they have AFTER their visit!”

(Lintian) #16

And I, unfortunately, could only arrive 40 minutes after the event started. Had a good time regardless!


With over 30 guests at the Swineherd last night, it’s safe to say the establishment has had a blast for a first night! Thank you all!


I wandered in about an hour after the start of the event, but it was completely empty so I figured it had just finished so I went and did something else.

However, I thought later that maybe it was a layering thing and I just couldn’t see everyone having a great time!

Regardless, I’ll try and come along to the next event!


((BTW, somebody mentioned OOC during the event that he/she would do some screenshots. Anyone knows if there are already some online somewhere, e.g. on a Discord server? I love to keep track of names of characters I bump into, and was a little bit overwhelmed yesterday so that I forgot to make some myself. :laughing:)


I posted a small imgur album in the roleplay section of the Hydraxian Waterlords discord.