[A-RP] Theramore Marines

"As an organisation and as individuals it is our duty to ever strive for the highest standards possible to continue to be the most elite Alliance force within Kalimdor. The Marines strive for continuous improvement through our proactive assurance, innovation and ingenuity to better ourselves in the name of our Lady Proudmoore and the Alliance. It is our goal to install into our newest brothers and sisters a sense of maintaining and nurturing their prowess and abilities. Putting our efforts and energy into mentoring and coaching one another to grow our abilities that present and future role models are a key resource of providing the most excellent examples of being the custodians of the Alliance and Theramore, the very bastion of law and order within Kalimdor. As a lantern of light which casts away the shadows, the Marines must be willing to undergo its duties to herald the will of the Alliance and secure its interests" - First Lieutenant Solomon Holdcroft, 24 Marines, 5 Squadron, 6 Troop.

Hello chaps, the Theramore Marines is a heavy RP project and we’re looking for those who would be interested in such a concept. Many Theramore Marine Guilds have had reincarnations over the years and across Realms, due to this we want to make the Guild as unique as possible. To do this we want to put particular focus on individual character immersion and depth. With many Militaristic Guilds there is usually a lack of individual character development as the Guild is often shoehorned into drill and forumations without a focus on the characters. We plan on maintaining the Guild only at Section/Squad strength to keep the Guild community close knit. The concept of the Theramore Marines allows for some intriguing characters, as Theramore itself was founded from the Alliance Expedition which were more or less refugees who followed Jaina from Lordaeron, this would means many of our characters will be veteran of the Third War, even having fought at Mount Hyjal.

The other characters we expect would be those who have joined after Theramore has been founded, as these will be adventurous men and women who have come to Theramore which is the frontier for human colonisation in Kalimdor for opportunity and experience in a foriegn land. Finally perhaps what would be the most intriguing is those characters who would have actually been a part of the Kul’Tiran expedition lead by Daelin Proudmoore, many of whom were absorbed into the Theramore Military and society after the death of the Lord Admiral. This would allow some members of the Guild who would actually be resentful of Jaina and even may be secretly working against the will of Theramore, this particular concept we would desire to foster and nature as this will bring some certainly interesting RP and a lot of internal conflict for the character’s ideology.

Rather than being focused merely in Theramore keeping ourselves reserved to one particular region to RP in, the unique ability that comes with being Marines (Being ship based) would allow us the flexibility and mobility to RP in numerous locations keeping things fresh, as numerous opportunities can present themselves in different climates and ground as the Marines are deployed on operations and tours across both the Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor. This also would add to a more social character development from shore leave and R&R. Another focus we want to put in, as the troop which this Guild will represent is a “Close support” section, meaning rather than our RP being merely line infantry seen in many Regimental and Para-Military guilds, as close support there would be a focus on combat engineering, fortifications and bridge building which being that Theramore is in Dustwallow marsh and the marsh often lorewise absorbs the paths and bridges, the close support can allow us to make DM events on maintenance to give the Guild a more self sufficient RP element outside of the usual traits and stigma with Military Guilds.


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