[A] <S T E L L A> Home for Dads, Mums, Husbands, Wives and Busy Career Professionals

STELLA is an Alliance World of Warcraft guild on the European Blade’s Edge/Vek’nilash/Eonar servers that has been around since TBC. We are a social guild that is raiding in large groups (slaying vampire Sires with 25 people is just more fun), we also host regular team building events including, but not limited to, Naked Gnome Runs, Cow Darts, XMOG runs, STELLA tavern crawls, and many more…

We get stuff done but its never server first. Too much pressure and we’re just not that kind of group anyway. Dads, mums, husbands, wives, busy career professionals - you will find a home with us. Highly competitive players better look elsewhere.

Raid Teams: We have 1 raid team, We ask that trials make themselves available to the raid team during their trial periods. We raid from 22:30PM to 1:30AM server time on Fridays and from 21:30PM to 23:30PM on Sundays. On Tuesdays we host free-for-all raiding with no rules and accessible to all skill levels.

Trial Periods: Wheteher you pass your trial is determined by attitude, helping the guild and personality, to a lesser extent skill. Typically, a trial period can last 1-2 weeks, totaling 2-4 raids nights. You will be contacted by the guild master or an officer whether you passed trial.

Raid Requirements: We require every raider, to have the knowledge required to both perform in their class and execute mechanics properly. We understand people make mistakes, sometimes often, but we do not tolerate a complete lack of commitment/effort. We expect our progression raiders to have basic knowledge of the current tier and have suitable character alternatives if their class is performing sub-optimally.

What about if I’m not raiding? We are a social guild that is raiding. We enjoy Players, not characters. Our play style as a guild is to play the game how each of us WANTS to play the game. That means playing the class we desire, doing the content we want, the profession(s) we want and having a home as a person … not a specific toon that “fits a job”.

What are your next steps? If you’re interested in joining the guild, head on over to discord.gg/7NPMmQNh7f and fill out a short application.

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