[A] <<Sauna Meat>> Looking for social raiders for TBC

Good morning,

<> We welcome all players new/old to join us for Burning Crusade.

We aim to gear up through Dungeons (NM/HC) and then form a raid team to progress together.

Importantly, we will not ask for min-maxing and we would prefer you to play whatever you want! If you don’t enjoy it, whats the point

We are currently looking for more healers but are open to all classes, playstyles and sauna lovers.

When raiding begins, we plan to have to have balanced team but we would not bench regular raiders for a meta alternative.

update we now have close to 100 members and we looking to forward to welcoming you ahead of TBC launch

I am particularly interested in exceptional individuals who would like to assist in managing raid groups who also share this approach

/w in game for more detail, Píke-Warlock or add me on Bnet TPain#2455 (note the í in name)

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