[A] <Sauna Meat> Semi-Casual guild Looking for more players. :)

We are a mature, semi-casual raiding guild, and we do not expect members to min-max (does TBC content even require min-maxing, honestly speaking?)
We like to enjoy our raid days while clearing content, and expect members to pull their own weight (there won’t ever be a consumables check, but it’d be awesome if you got your own!) We have no qualms with anyone playing their favourite spec as long as you can perform with it, and OS switches will only be asked for (never demanded) in rare circumstances. Polite discussions are always welcome, and so are suggestions to officers - but we do not entertain classic Andys. We are not looking at the fastest and the best raiders out there, just competent people that enjoy endgame PvE. Indicating your interest in raids on the guild channel, showing up on time, and learning as we progress are all we expect from you!

We currently have 2 Karazhan groups that raid on Wednesday evening (18.30 and 19.15 ST), and are looking into building our 25 man team. Currently recruiting shamans of all specs, and warlocks but we will consider anyone who feels like they can belong.

If you are interested, contact either of us in game or on discord - Annie (Annielennox/Liaratsoni//happyfeet#2617), Zuki (Amazuki/Mazuki//AmaZuki#7696), Muffin (Muffinvendor//Kazanta#0785), Krezzel (Krezzel//Karzka#7437), or Coup (Coupdegrace//Plebius Maximus#9472)

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