A Search for a Guild(s)

Hello everyone,

I’m just returned from an extended break from WoW, and myself and my friend (and perhaps a third!) are looking for a guild that’ll suit our needs for a combination of social RP and guild events. We are specifically in quest for something that’s active (a few members online in the evening), with an emphasis on our preference for adventure/mercenary guilds.

We are likely to make new characters for it, but since our RP race preferences are extensive, we would ideally prefer something that accepts a variety of races, if not all the races of that specific faction.

Our preferences for events are raid markers/storytelling in raid chat and raid warning. We are experienced roleplayers, so ideally, we would like prefer guild colleagues with a decent grasp on grammar and spelling, as some bad experiences have really brought us out of our immersion.

We don’t hate RP-PVP, but it really isn’t our favourite and it’d have to be less frequent than DM events.

What we need: activity, raid marker events, ideally adventure, racial diversity, world exploration, two/three slots for recruitment.
What we provide: very decent RPers, very active players, and friendly OOC interactions and comradery.

P.S: We have tried Argent Archives and looking around through Stormwind/Orgrimmar, but neither provide a good insight, as most good guilds are /out there/ adventuring.

You can contact us at Taki#0762 on Discord if you need to DM us.

Thank you for reading this, and have a lovely day!


I will leave you a link to the Red Venturers, currently they’re on a campaign in the Dragon Isles with a collection of other Horde guilds (as far as I know), hence you might not have seen them in Orgrimmar.

Perhaps the only detail to note is that PCU guilds refrain from raid markers for the majority of situations and instead use actual NPCs (characters with a tox/disguise/prism appearance actually roleplaying enemies, characters, etc.).


Can confirm! Great guild, great people and great events!

Totally recommend Red Venturers, they’re a blast to rp with everytime.

There is also these guys:


I can heartily endorse the above guilds! Though my lot, the Dust Devils, are also very much in the adventuring mould! =)

Not to break a trend; here’s my guild thread for your inconvenience!

Hope you find what you’re looking for OP!


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