[H-RP] Keepers of Antiquity - Adventuring and Exploration Await!

Quiet footsteps echoed within the darkened room, a single candle upon a dusty, worn table the only source of light. As the flame danced and flickered, it projected a shadow upon the nearby wooden wall. A wide frame with a slight slouch and slightly pointed ears. The shadow, much like its Orcish owner, was pacing from side to side with anticipation. He was waiting for something. Seconds turned to minutes. Minutes turned to hours. Still those heavy footsteps went, kicking up dust from the wooden floor with each step. It was not until there was a loud knock at the door that the pacing stopped. Instead, the Orc flung himself towards the exit of the room and swiftly swung the door open.

“Yes?” asked the Orc as he stepped out of the wooden hut, greeted by the harsh sunlight of Durotar. Immediately he could feel the heat burning down upon his bald head, causing him to narrow his eager gaze out of frustation. Before him stood a somewhat short and, simply put, dirty grunt. The grizzled, hardened face met the gaze of the awaiting Orc before he thrust his dirty arm forwards, slamming a rolled up piece of parchment into the Orc’s hand. Then, without a single word, the grunt turned and trudged away down the humid streets of Orgrimmar. An amused grin crossed the Orc’s face as he watched the delivery grunt wander off, though the figure did not keep his attention for long. He swiftly set to work unrolling the parchment and as he saw what was scrawled upon it, that grin grew even wider.

Above his own immaculate handwriting he saw two, newly-penned additions. The unmistakable symbol of the Horde and a single word. ‘Approved’.

He wasted no time. Within seconds he had snatched up a pile of worn parchment from the table and darted out the door to post those flyers wherever he could. The writing was messy and the presentation was poor but the promise was clear.

“Explorers needed! Adventure awaits!”

Keepers of Antiquity are a small Horde-aligned group of adventurers and relic hunters that are set on exploring the world as a group and uncovering artefacts and secrets that have long been hidden away. This is all done in the name of the Horde, with the intention of any findings being utilised for the benefit of the Horde and its people. While out on expeditions, Keepers also work in order to aid the Horde people with their local issues and problems. They are adventurers at heart with the hunt for relics guiding their journeys.

Keepers come from all styles of life and background. From new adventurers seeking fame and glory to retired soldiers wishing to spend their twilight years aiding others, or even those who are seeking to make a quick profit. All are welcomed to stand together in order to recover the artefacts of ages past to assist the Horde.

The Concept
Keepers of Antiquity is a guild built around the idea of bringing together a varied cast of characters and developing them through exciting, and often dangerous, adventure. It is important to note that while this is a guild built around exploration and adventure, The Keepers are a Horde-aligned group and do their work in the name of the Horde. While neutral characters are welcomed, there may be plot elements that relate to potential lingering tensions between the two factions.

The main aim is to provide a home where players can develop their characters through travelling and adventuring together, while interlinking their personal stories with their new allies. We welcome roleplayers of all experience and are more than happy to help with introducing new roleplayers to the incredible hobby in a fun and light-hearted environment. While there is no strict cap on member numbers, we do aim to remain on the smaller side so that events can be tailored around individual characters and for members to find ample opportunity to link their own stories in with the guild.

Events and Roleplay
As Keepers of Antiquity is a guild built around adventure and exploration, events usually take place outside of the main capital cities. Events can range from travelling towards our destination and helping locals we meet along the way, to setting up a base camp at the targeted destination, or simply just finding the artefact we were aiming to retrieve. Though more often than not, it won’t exactly be ‘simple’! Event chains will focus around the expeditions we undertake to investigate and retrieve specific relics and artefacts. Through these chains, we aim to build up an overarching story that features our characters as the protagonists, with them coming together to face whatever hurdles or threats they find in their way, celebrate their victories and even mourn their losses.

Due to the nature of the guild, several events do include opportunities for combat. Though relic hunting is part of the guild theme, to truly enjoy the concept and what we have to offer we would recommend joining on a character that won’t always shy away from combat situations.

All events are optional, though it should be noted that when out on an expedition, The Keepers may be away from capital cities for several days at a time. We’ll be using the thread to update our current location, so if you are out in the area, do be sure to come roleplay with us!

We also encourage all of our members to host their own events, no matter how big or small. Different styles of events are refreshing and keep things new for all involved. We are currently utilising a very simple rolling system to assist us with events while giving people a chance to lean into the strengths of their characters. This is always under review – we’re here to have fun, not find ourselves limited by the system we use!

We are also happy to help any member plan and run an event that they have in mind. There are also chances for more light-hearted events and roleplay, such as bonding over a warm campfire, team-building activities for the members, and perhaps even a celebratory visit to the beach after reclaiming a truly valuable artefact. The possibilities are almost endless.

We are always eager to meet a variety of characters who think they will be a good fit! The Keepers are Horde-aligned and so we accept all races within the Horde.

Regarding Demon Hunters, Death Knights and the recent Dracthyr, we are open to all of these classes though this will be in limited number as we wish to keep things relatively balanced when it comes to character power. We believe these races would be interested in Legion/Scourge/Titan artefacts respectively which is why we do think that they could be a good fit in moderation!

Recruitment Update 09/06/23: While we’re underwater for the next couple of weeks, it’ll be hard to have people join up IC. We are still open for recruitment however and will look to grab some people in as soon as we’re back on dry land, so do reach out if you’re interested!

If you find yourself interested in signing up with the Keepers or want to discuss potential plotlines, please send an in-game message or letter to Hughy (or my alt Penny), Mournflame or Koralash. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have OOC and we can then look to get you recruited! If you can’t catch us online then do get in touch on Discord at pohtaitoe.

Thank you for reading and we’ll see you all out and about in Azeroth!


Sounds like a nice, simple but solid concept. Can never have enough adventuring guilds, especially on Horde!

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Hear hear! Adventure awaits, Horde friends!

On a side note, who’d have thought editing a post immediately after posting it gets it flagged for auto-moderation in case it’s spam? Not this Orc!

For the time being, the Keepers can be found around Orgrimmar while we recruit some able-bodied explorers and adventurers. Not only that but we’ll be looking to take on some local adventuring tasks to earn enough funding for our first expedition! Those rats in the tavern basement won’t get rid of themselves…

Lovely concept! My Kirin Tor guild will be buying, studying or containing magic artefacts during DF, so if you guys need stinky mages or to make some cash, find us in Dalaran or in the Dragon Isles ;))

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Thank you for the kind words! We’ll definitely be heading over to the Dragon Isles at some point with the things that could be found there. Titan relics ahoy! It would be fantastic to work together on some stuff!

On a side note, I’d like to welcome both Daelthos and Kinazu to the Keepers! A small group is forming but we are still looking to grow!

Next week we will be focused on taking on those small, local adventuring tasks to earn some coin in order to prepare supplies! Then our first expedition to the wonderous wilds of Azeroth awaits!

As always, either send a mail or message to Luhk or Penny in-game if you’re interested to learn more!

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Now this is a blast from the past!

Nice to see this guild getting a revival, I know it was loved and I hope it flourishes. The Horde needs more guilds like these!

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Thank you kindly! We’re excited to get things rolling once more.

I’d like to give a big welcome to Bugs, Morston and Alaszar! Three more have joined the ranks of the Keepers and are eager to see what the world has to offer.

For the time being, we are putting a hold on Dracthyr recruitment while we allow our current two to settle in and find their place! We may look to open this again when we have a few more wingless allies within our number.

The Keepers are now getting set up for their first expedition with the most essential resource - coin. After all, coin is needed to purchase camping supplies and rations! After some discussion on a potential few local tasks, the group have decided to assist some of the taverns of Orgrimmar in obtaining eggs this week. It seems certain eggs are a delicacy at this time of year!

We are still eager to welcome more to our ranks! Once we have our coin secured, we’ll be headed off on our first expedition. Azeroth awaits!

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I am enjoying this guild very much so far. Good vibes, good GM, good peeps! :smiley:

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I adore the little group we’ve formed so far and I’m looking forward to more adventures already! Speaking of…

The day had come for the Keepers to start earning their coin in order to fund their first expedition!

After gearing up, the Keepers headed north into the wilds of Azshara in search of a Hippogryph nest to pilfer some eggs. With a Druid within their ranks, they agreed to make an effort to avoid harming the wildlife and only taking a few eggs to avoid affecting the population of the creatures. It all began with a totally safe Goblin rocket ride where, somehow, no one suffered any injuries! Hurray for Goblin engineering!

With some distracting pebble throwing from Bugs, fancy flying from Morston and a little bit of unorthodox magic from Daelthos, the group managed to secure three large eggs! When Luhk attempted to grab a fourth, they drew the attention of the dangerous Hippogryph stag who awoke the creatures slumbering in the nest.

Following a tactical retreat, the group considered their first outing a success and returned to Orgrimmar to await payment. It didn’t take long for them to receive another job, however…

Seems some goobers angered the local Hippogryph population and a certain Hippogryph Stag needs putting down! I wonder who that could have been…?

We’re still open for recruitment and eager to welcome more members of the Horde to our ranks before we set off on our first relic expedition! It won’t be long until we have our own eyes set on the Dragon Isles!

If you’re interested, please reach out to any of us and we’ll send you to someone who can help!

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Wasn’t me. I take no responsibility and was definitely not involved in these shenanigans. :rock:

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A big welcome to our latest recruits, Serad’muhn and Aendor! A Troll Death Knight who reads the fates of others in the bones and a Farstrider! It is so wonderful to have some front liners at last!

This evening the Keepers headed back to the northern wilds of Azshara to deal with the threat they may have awkwardly caused!

With some research done earlier in the day by Kinazu and Daelthos, the group discovered that they were dealing with a Hippogryph Stag named ‘Whitefeather’, cleverly named for its… well, white feathers! Through their research they discovered that this creature was experimented on in its younger years by a Goblin and has harnessed some unusual powers - the most notable one being its ability to channel electricity between its huge antlers. Yes, antlers!

The evening hunt saw Luhk, Daelthos, Serad’muhn, Alaszar and Aendor embark to the north to put the crazed beast down. By luring the creature to them with the conveniently named Goblin-Engine-In-A-Box, a fierce battle soon began.

Despite Whitefeather flinging lightning, feather and claw at the Keepers, the group succeeded in defeating the beast and claiming an antler as its trophy to serve as proof of the beast’s demise.

With a job well done, they returned to Orgrimmar in order to prepare for their first artefact hunting expedition. What awaits them on the horizon?

…Out of character, Dragonflight awaits us! We’ll be taking a backseat from RP for a few days while we excitedly explore what the expansion has to offer! Once the excitement has settled down, we’ll be setting off on our first expedition! Now is the perfect time to get involved and prepare for adventure!

We’ve all been enjoying the expansion in our own ways, finding our way to level 70, working through the campaign, racing through the Isles and digging up treasures as we go! It’s been a fun start to the expansion launch but we’re itching to get back into the RP side of things, so that’s what’s happening this week!

I’d like to welcome our two newest members Isara and Rae’theas to our ranks! We’re getting a little Blood Elf heavy so it’d be great to see some other races join up when we open recruitment again in the future. For the time being, we are putting a hold on recruitment to allow our members some time to settle in!

This week, we’re off in search of leads to follow when it comes to artefacts! The Keepers have chosen to pursue a Tauren storyteller known to share stories of magical items who makes her home somewhere around Bloodhoof Village. We’ll be heading her way tomorrow to see what we can find and from there, onwards to our first expedition! Exciting times await us and we’d love to welcome a few more people to the cause!

While enjoying all the content that Dragonflight has to offer, we have also started our dive back into RP! The Keepers are officially on our first expedition!

After rescuing the Tauren storyteller from a rather hungry Harpy Matriarch, the group were rewarded with tales about three different magical artefacts. They opted to pursue a blade known as ‘Onyxia’s Talon’, last known to be somewhere in the Dustwallow Marsh, the land where Onyxia claimed her lair.

The sword is rumoured to be imbued with Onyxia’s strength but also the same corruption that overtook the Black Dragonflight. A dangerous weapon that clearly needs collecting and keeping safe!

Embarking on their journey, The Keepers travelled from The Crossroads and made their way across the scar left by Deathwing many years ago. Finding themselves in The Overgrowth, they discovered the body of a Tauren woman who carried a potion that was headed for Camp Una’fe. With part of their goal being to aid the people of the Horde, The Keepers opted to deliver the potion and find themselves camping at Una’fe for the eve…

The Camp is in need of some aid, however, so perhaps they will be there a little longer than planned. It may take them a while before they actually claim their first relic, it seems!

We are down in Southern Barrens and currently based at Camp Una’fe! Though we’re not open to new recruits just yet as we let everyone get settled, we’d more than welcome travellers to join us by the camp fire or even assist us with some of our tasks! Say hello if you see us in the area!


Little update! The main post is updated somewhat with a little clarification on The Keepers and also our recruitment status. I’d like to welcome our latest member Steelbreaker to the ranks of The Keepers! We’re glad to have your blade with us!

The Keepers are hard at work around Camp Una’fe. A few members have been helping the locals out with some issues in The Overgrowth, cutting down the overgrown vine creatures that are encroaching upon the camp. The Elven Death Knight Isara and the Orcish Warlock Felodri delved deeper into the overgrown land and fought off a much larger creature in an effort to keep the camp a safer place.

Meanwhile, the Tauren at the camp have made some changes to the potion that was retrieved and now The Keepers have agreed to delve deep into The Overgrowth once more and test its results.

Will they find success and finish their business in Camp Una’fe? After all, Onyxia’s Talon still awaits somewhere in Dustwallow Marsh…

Welcome back Keepers! I will be stopping by the day hello to the guild that brought me to Roleplay. Love live the keepers!


Hmmmh… Ah, I felt so nostalgic when I saw this post!
This guild was my first, proper touch at RP when I moved to this realm years ago. If it hadn’t been for the positivity and amazing adventures I experienced here, I wouldn’t have kept going and improved my RP to create new stories. Btw, the campfire moment we had in Felwood still warms my heart. :heart_on_fire:

If your soul yearns for adventure, you can’t go wrong with this guild.


It is so wonderful to hear from you both! :heart: Thank you for the lovely memories, they still put a massive smile on my face, too! :slight_smile: It was fantastic to RP with you back then and I hope our paths will cross again some time soon!

In other news, we’ve continued our RP this week and wrapped up our work at Camp Una’fe!

The Keepers were tasked with testing a potion designed by the Camp to destroy some odd, fungal growths that had been spotted throughout The Overgrowth. After administering the potion to a bright orange mushroom-like growth, the group found the earth responded with a deep rumble and a dirt trail sprouted back towards the Camp.

Following the trail, The Keepers found another growth and tested the potion once again. The reaction was much the same and, given another dirt trail to follow, The Keepers did just that and found that it guided them to the burial site nearby the camp itself.

Within the burial site were the mushrooms that had been destroyed, along with a small red fungus. As the group approached, they were met with a giant, writhing vine that threatened to end their adventure there and then. After dispatching it in a fierce battle, the group presumed their work was done and they could return to camp.

Unfortunately, it was not to be. Rising up from the ground was the corpse of Tenderhoof, the Tauren they had found on the road when they first arrived. Her body was covered in fungal growths, clearly corrupted by the fungus that had been growing throughout the area. Realising the fungus was somehow controlling the body and using the dead in an attempt to spread, The Keepers put an end to Tenderhoof’s suffering by using the potion to destroy a particularly large growth upon her body.

With the burial site secured and the known fungus growths dealt with, The Keepers returned to camp to report their success and warn those there of the potential lingering threat. Having done all they can for the camp at this time, they now press on in search of Onyxia’s Talon with their sights set on Desolation Hold.

We are still open for recruitment (except for Blood Elves and Death Knights at this time) and are excited for more people to dive into the misadventures on our way to hunting artefacts! If you have any questions, please reach out to myself on either Luhk or Penny. If I’m not around, feel free to send me a letter or get in touch with one of the members and they can point you in the right direction!

Finally, I’d like to take this chance to wish everyone Happy Holidays and hope all are enjoying the festive season! :santa:
Merry Christmas from The Keepers!


I’m back with another update! First off a warm welcome to our latest member, Skychaser! Very happy to have you with us and we all look forward to getting to know your character. We are also still recruiting as we’d love a few more faces to join our merry band, so if you’re interested do get in touch!

In other news, this week The Keepers have now arrived at Desolation Hold! Their easy journey down to Dustwallow has been far more exciting and full of distractions than they had planned!

The Keepers set off from Una’fe in the early evening and followed the dusty road through the Southern Barrens. The road was quiet and the wildlife at peace, so the group had a nice chance to admire the sights - notably the silhouette of a certain sword in the distance.

As The Keepers made their way farther south, they soon encountered what appeared to be an earthquake. After the trembles continued repeatedly, however, they realised it must have been something else.

With some discussion and a flying, magnetic rock from a certain Goblin’s pocket, The Keepers came upon a small totem in a ravine. Upon approaching it, an earthen elemental rose up to defend the magically imbued totem. As the battle raged, The Keepers were surprised to find the elemental shifting… At first it was an elemental of earth but, as their battle raged on, it seemed to take on the forms of other elements - wind and ice.

Finally, The Keepers managed to break the totem and defeat the elemental, though several questions were raised. What kind of elemental could change in such a way and who placed the totem there? One of the group’s Dracthyr suspected it may be a remnant from when the Primalists had previously attacked the Barrens.

Pushing on to Desolation Hold, The Keepers have now heard of a local Shaman who may be able to help them study the totem and prevent its magic from causing trouble for the Hold again. However, their true target remains Onyxia’s Talon and they have already delayed their journey by assisting Camp Una’fe…

Will they choose to aid the Hold? Or will they press on to Dustwallow Marsh?

We are now stationed in Desolation Hold! With the peace treaty underway, we presume the local area isn’t quite as war-focused as the game shows, so if you happen to be in the area and spot us about, come say hello!


We have dived into 2023 with our first RP event this week already and we are all keen to continue with our stories! We also have a small recruitment update in that we are once more accepting Blood Elves. We will only be looking to take 1 or 2 more Blood Elves into our ranks, however, and will prioritise characters that see regular play rather than alts, as we want a few more regular faces for our downtime RP!

Our search for our first artefact is still underway… We just can’t help ourselves from getting side tracked!

After travelling south from Desolation Hold, The Keepers met up with the Orcish Shaman Brine who had prepared for their coming. She asked the group to assist her in a ritual to call upon the elements and aid her with communing with the totem.

Sitting around the totem, even the undead and Sin’dorei within their ranks took part in the ritual, though some agreed to do so begrudgingly. With offerings of water, earth, wind and flame, the elementals answered the call and empowered the broken totem once more, allowing Brine to attune to the elemental within.

She claimed that the energies within the totem were chaotic and untamed and, in order to prove themselves trustworthy, the Keepers would need to seek out some items to bring the elemental to their side.

Brine called upon different groupings of The Keepers to attune to the totem and hear the call of the elemental, who offered the different groups a riddle for them to solve. The riddles linked to the elements of fire, water and wind and requested that The Keepers bring back two objects relating to each from different places within The Barrens.

Seeing this as a test, The Keepers now seek to split into smaller teams to solve their riddles and solve the mystery of the totem’s origins and the affinity-shifting elemental that it summoned.

We are still stationed in Desolation Hold in the Southern Barrens for the time being, focused on this mysterious totem before we continue our search for our first artefact. What a journey we’ve had so far! I am also pleased to say we’ve encountered our first traveller on the road which provided a lot of smiles and laughs and we’d love to meet more folks on our travels, so if you’re in the area, do come say hello!

We’re looking forward to a 2023 filled with lots of fun, so now is a great time to get involved with us!


Especially if you’re a Goblin! :saluting_face: (please)

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