(A) Seeking Nostalgic WoW Veterans - Lonely Adventurer Guild is Recruiting

Have you come back to Classic because you are nostalgic and remember your try hard days from Vanilla and TBC? Do you enjoy reminiscing about your glory days from when you relished mastering the content that Blizzard threw at you? Then maybe you should join us!

12 years ago, LAG used to be a TBC raiding guild from Argent Dawn. Revived for Classic as a social guild, our core is comprised of former raiders that now relive content on a more casual level (because let’s face it, we’re no longer spring chickens!). We are looking for social members who too reminisce back to the “good old days” and wish to join a guild of mature (at least on the surface!) players to experience Azeroth with one more time.

So, if you play on Hydraxian Waterlords and are looking for a guild whose members remember the times of wiping on the original Four Horsemen, farming NR gear in Maraudon for Huhuran and killing Gruul pre-fix fondly, message me, Millicent in-game or Kismat on Discord (Kismat#9413) so that we can chat!

Hey Kismat, used to be in Insight with you, I’m levelling a Hunter (21 atm) called Kyira on Hydraxian be nice to catch up with some of the old guard, maybe tag along to the odd raid when I’m a grown up 60

Faith!!! I remember you!! Message me in-game on Millicent :heart::heart:

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