[A] Self Sufficiency Society is recruiting!

Sick of empty AH and deserted LFG channels?
There is a solution: Self Sufficiency Society! No longer will you need to survive alone in the desolate wastes of ZT the realm!

Aim of the guild is to provide players of ZT alliance a common channel for trade of items and forming of groups.
Also a way for me to have some people to give out my excess recipes etc to, help levelers with elite/dungeon quests if there isn’t enough people online to form a regular group.

First agenda of the guild will be for me to farm some cloth, level up my tailoring on my Lvl40 mage and get the bag assembly line going. With no AH, lack of affordable bag space is one of the most pressing issues plaguing the levelers.

We don’t have any grand plans when it comes to raiding as of now, but are open to it if it ever becomes a relevant issue. As of now more pressing issues are to help people level, and offer MMO like social interaction.

If you are interested in joining search “Matiska” from /who or whisper any online member of the guild, as everyone is capable of inviting new members.
Or PM me in Discord: Matiska#7497


Good luck with your recruitment, we look forward to meeting you in Azeroth :wink:


Hello are you guys still on the Zandalar Tribe server?
I was thinking that you guys should also post in the general classic era forum instead of server specific forum, i think that way more people will see these posts.

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