[A]<Sentenced> 9/9M CE - Recruiting!


Sentenced is a relatively new guild on EU-Nordrassil. We are focused on building a cutting-edge guild with the aim and desire to push world ranks.

Our raiding history is comprised of Cutting Edge kills at the bare minimum, and we are currently 9/9 Mythic in BoD. We are striving to improve our world rank with the ultimate aim getting into the Alliance Hall of Fame.

Progression is our main goal, we need our players to be able to work as a team, take criticism constructively and play to the highest standards.

Raid Schedule (CET)
  • Wednesday: 2030-2300
  • Thursday: 2030-2300
  • Sunday: 2030-2300

We have just started to extend to a max of 2345 if we are close to kills during progression. Please ensure you are capable of this.

Raid Progress
  • 9/9 M Battle of Dazar'alor, Realm #1, World #710
  • 8/8 M Cutting Edge G'huun Realm #2, World #1613

  • 1 x DPS with strong offspec healing
  • Range DPS

What we can offer you
* We are close together, a community family feel
* Active M+ running almost daily and on non-raid nights
* We have a lot of raiders with alts so there is almost always something to do!
* Members also jam on other games such as Diablo, PUBG etc
* We pride ourselves on being mature and drama-free.
* New social members are always welcome!

Interested? Head over to our application form and submit one goo.gl/forms/4gODH2XnmOazORAE3

Contact us:
Bnet: Diamond#2174
Discord: Diamond#2132 Carrt#9999

Range DPS only now!
Updated our recruitment requirements.

Also 2/8 Mythic! Mother down!
Updated recruitment requirements

Looking for all you range DPS out there!
Updated progress

Still looking for range DPS!
Updated recruitment, looking for a tank now too!
4/8 ! Vectis down!

Still looking for

1 x Tank
1 x Healer
and range dps!
Hey there!

I've run a number of Uldir heroics and I cannot for the life of me find a guild on Nordrassil progressing Mythic Uldir. I'm 8/8 a couple of times, but no Mythic progression due to a lack of groups doing it.

Happy to trial with you guys for Uldir progression!

Add me on Spanked#2412 if you want to chat a bit more.
Hey Spelunk. PM'd you.

Updated roster requirements! Now looking for Range DPS to fill out the last remaining spots on our roster!
5/8 - Fetid faltered!

Still recruiting Range DPS :)

Still range needed! Also a Healer with strong DPS off spec

6/8 - Zul down!

Looking for:

  • 5th Heals for Mythrax/G’huun
    ** Have strong off-spec **
    ** Pref. Mistweaver or Resto Sham. **
  • Range DPS.

7/8 - Mythrax down!

Still looking for

  • Range DPS.
  • Healer with strong DPS offspec/alt char.

Updated our roster requirements, see OP for details! Need a few more to solidify the roster to finish off G’huun (<10%) and get ready for next tier!

G’huun finally got g’huuned! 8/8M.

Recruiting for next tier, see OP for more details :>

2/8M, still on the lookout for range dps.

4/8M - Opulence spills loot for Sentenced :moneybag:

Still recruiting rdps!

5/9 M - Still Range only DPS needed

Whoops forgot to post our Rasta kill!

3% Mekkatorque, now recruiting 1 healer, and also range DPS!

8/9M - The Jaina fun begins!

Still looking for 1 x Healer and Range DPS .