(A) Serenity is recruiting you!

Hey there.

Are you looking for a friendly Raiding & M+ guild, then look no further!

We are a new guild looking to get AOTC every season, and KSM for those that are interested.

We’re 10/10HC CN and our raiding schedule is Mon & Fri 20:15-23 RT during progression

If you like raiding, push keys and being social our guild is something for you.

Everyone is welcome even if you just want to be social because we do all kinds of content.

The guild is located on the server “Nagrand” which its linked with = Hellfire, Killrogg, Arathor, and Runetotem.

We won’t go to in dept here, so /w us on either Battletag & Discord

Battletags: Ultradaft#2257 or Drezz#21967

Discord: Haily#4567

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