[A] Shazzrah < Dystopia > | Semi-hardcore Guild | Recruiting for TBC

< Dystopia >
is a newly formed semi-hardcore raiding guild, aiming for quick clear times once raiding sets off.

We are currently recruiting raiders and casuals, for more specific information join our discord where we frequently update our roster page.

Our leadership has achieved multiple top 100s in the world in different expansions and content both on retail and classic, because of this we are well aware of what we need for our roster and raid spots may be very competitive in the long run. Because of this we expect everyone who applies for a raidspot to always give thier A game, fully gemmed, enchanted, consumables, etc etc… to guarantee your spot in the raidteam.

Raid Times
Sunday 18:30-23:00 CET(+1) ( all content is expected to go down on 1 raid day, if this aint achievable like it is on classic right now we will do 2 raid days.)


Currently as the beta just launched we will be preparing by leveling new characters that we will be maining, and just a overall preperation towards TBC content.

It’s the perfect time to start leveling you character if you haven’t played classic yet as we do not require any gear or levels when applying. if you wish to have a good and chill time in TBC make sure to join our discord server as we always accept socials or just pvpers.

Trial Expectations
-Ready for raiding in our first week
-Working microphone
-Knowledge of your Class and Spec(s)
-Fully enchanted and optimised gear and professions
-90% Attendance
-Respect amongst peers
-Be active!

Guild Values
-Friendly, but competitive environment
-Years of experience
-Sweat where it’s necessary, but not spending insane amounts of time or gold for marginal gains

Application Process
Contact us on discord Skylooke#4942
Or join our discord channel discord.gg/n7RMvPNBac

still looking for :

  • 1 Mage
  • 1 Resto Shaman

still looking for :

  • 1 Elemental/Restoration Shaman

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