[A] SICK is lfm HC raidteam / M+ lovers

Hey there,

SICK is looking for just a couple more people for our HC raidteam. We focus on getting Curve in 2 x 2 hours of raiding per week. Raids are thuesdays and thursdays from 8-10 pm server time, so you have plenty of time for M+, transmog runs, real life (it happens), etc… Btw: we run M+ for weekly rewards and just for the fun / challenge of pushing keys. :slight_smile:

We ask our raiders to have at least 400 ilvl and lvl 48 HoA. This is rather easy to get atm, so shouldn’t be a problem. If help is needed, you’ll find plenty of friendly guildies willing to help out.

Give one of the officers a wisper for more info or to join us on discord and get to know us.


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