[a / silvermoon] former mythic gm mage lf guild


Hi there

Im stealth, used to be a guild master of a 4/8M guild (uldir) but the guild disbanded during progession so i kinda stopped playing as well, want to get back into the game now.

im an arcane mage at heart which isnt the prefered spec rn but i know what im doing and out dps any good/average mage. ive been keen on getting 99 parse logs once decently geared. see: warcraftlog . com/character/id/35479465#zone=19&difficulty=4)

if there’s any more questions you want to ask feel free to at me BigBewbs#2856
sorry for the tag lol


Guild: <Distinctly Average>

Server: Silvermoon-EU

Faction: Alliance

Current Progression: 5/8 Mythic

Raid Schedule: Wednesday / Thursday 21:00 - 00:00 st / Monday 21:30 – 00:00 st

whisper me on BattleNet if you are interested in applying;



Hi :slight_smile:

Rome in a Day is a two night a week (Mon and Thu 2030-0000ST) raiding guild on Silvermoon. We’ve been around for years and our raid nights are almost guaranteed to stay the same in the future.

We’re currently recruiting a couple of dps (and maybe a tank.) So if you’d like to consider joining us please /w me. Our current progress is 3/8M.

Azilise (Oryin#2738)


Hi there Stealth, Is a later evening guild something you’d consider?
Currently on the look out for more DPS for further progress in EP, we moved servers from Frostmane to Silvermoon (a little over 2 weeks ago) for fresh blood and to rebuild after losing a few members to Classic WoW and a few other reasons, we are now up to 21 raiders on the roster and looking to stabilise with a few more DPS!
We killed our first boss on mythic last night, and had 2% wipe on Behemoth (done with 19 people).
Some brief info on us ANV, been raiding since 2007, originally named Acta Non Verba on Dunemaul server, we are a late night 6 hours per week raiding guild, looking for more “mature” and like-minded people. We raid 3 nights a week Mon/Weds/Thurs between 22:00 - 0:00 server time. We are quite laid-back and enjoy a fun atmosphere during raids.
If we sound interesting, add me for a chat: hellykins#2114
Hope to hear from you, if not good luck :slight_smile: