[A] [Silvermoon] Fury Warrior LF Casual Guild

Hi, i’m relatively new to WoW. I’ve been playing since the start of BFA and I am currently looking to join casual guild which I can partake in M+ and N raiding progression. I’m 18+ and can use discord. Times do not matter for me, i’m just looking for people to play with. Send me a message if posible, thanks.

Discord: Peeko#6788
Bnet: Peeko#21401

Hi Peeko

You didnt mention in your post if you are wanting to stay on Silvermoon but if not, check out our recruitment post here.

I’d love to join but can really afford to switch servers and such, but thanks anyway.

Hi there Peeko,

My guild on Silvermoon are looking for more players to join our heroic progression guild, if that is something that would interest you?

I will add you in-game and speak to you further if you so wish (wilsonnxo#2881).

Thank you!

Hey buddy. We’re always looking for more to join in with m+ and build our roster. Currently doing normal but plan to start hc at a later date.