[A] Silvermoon <The Boys From The Dwarf> Casual Late night raiding guild

Hello one and all. Boys from the dwarf is a casual progression guild. Currently working through normal atm. We are a relatively new guild with an old core of friends. We are currently looking for a few more dps and a back up healer to make our roster 2/3/9. We plan to start hc soon aswell. We raid on Tuesdays and Saturdays from 22:00-24:00 server time.

We also enjoy running m+ and bgs together. Socials are also welcome. We’re mainly U.K. peeps but have Eu friends too. If you’re interested, say hi in game. You can also contact me via discord on : Shimrock#7160

Shim o7

Hey. Apps in

Great. See you soon


Looking for 4 dps for raid team. Ideally lock, uh dk, shadow priest and balance Druid.

Also be handy to have a back up healer.

Always looking for others aswell for m+, bgs and socialising. Come say hello and see if we’re cool enough for you

Join the Team \o/

Welcome on board mate

Fresh normal pull tonight. Still have slots to fill if you want to get in, in time.

Still looking for more. We will be moving onto hc soon. Could do with a few more dps