[A] [Silvermoon] Looking for a late night raiding guild

Back again looking for an active, casual, friendly RAIDING guild.
Other than raiding, I like to do mount/tmog runs, level alts and everything else wow has to offer.

  • I get home promptly at 22:00 and I’m online until 4:00 on weekdays and weekends I can play from 13:00 to 4:00 !
  • I main a 432 ilvl balance druid main, I can offspec to Restoration with 429 ilvl
  • Cleared 8/8 N and 3/8 H on EP
  • A little about me, I’m a 22 year old female. I’m rather passive and shy though but once I feel comfortable I’m bubbly and talkative with friendly people and pretty sarcastic.

Feel free to add me on Bnet or Discord.
Bnet - nekomancer#21725 // Discord - screameh#6552

Night Vision @ Silvermoon [A] - Late night raiding guild (23-02 ST).
Not that casual but we do casual runs and weekly m+

More Info

I’m still interested. This is my main and I’m already in there with an alt. I can be online for an invite now if you’re available

don’t join night vision they don’t want you …oops too late