[A] Silvermoon - Looking for social / heroic raiding guild


I’ve been playing Horde for the last few expansions, and so far in BFA, and felt like a fresh start and a new perspective. So thought I’d roll an Alliance on a new realm, and go from there. I’m looking for a social guild where I can make some friends, run some M+ and do Normal and Heroic raiding. I’m normally available after 20:00 realm time, so later night would be good.


Hello :wave:

Not sure if a realm transfer is an option, but could be a good fit for us (on Arathor/Hellfire), times and goals seem to line up nicely.

If it’s a possibility, there’s a recruitment thread with a load more details here:

There’s also a link to our recruitment discord in that thread (think website replacement) with a load of information, feel free to have a poke around if interested/curious :grinning:

Good luck with your guild search

(Beckmiester) #3

Add me for a chat please.