[A] [Silvermoon] <Lunatic Crew> LF Mage/Druid 7/10HC

Hey there!

Lunatic Crew is a casual raiding guild that is looking for a few new players to complete our raiding team. We aim for curve hc, if that’s done we’ll start to dip into mythic. At the moment we have 7/10 Bosses down in HC.

We are a mature (most of the time:P), funny and relaxed bunch of ppl, enjoying to play together as well outside the raid by doing keys and other stuff.

What makes us Casual?

  • We raid 2 times a week, 3h per session, Wed & Sun, 8h-11h pm server time

  • Our goal is to kill stuff before we overgear it & have fun in the process. We’re not racing anyone.

  • We understand that rl comes first, missing a few raid days it’s not a big deal

  • Tolerance for small mistakes & distractions is usually high enough (depending on our current goal) if the raid leader did take his medications, you will normally get away with a “please pay attention”.


  • Be prepared: know your class & the boss mechanics.

  • Don’t repeat the same mistakes over and over.

  • Be ready to openly discuss said mistakes.

  • Bring patience and a good attitude. No raging after a few wipes.

We are looking for:

  • A mage

  • Resto Druid (if possible with dps offspec)

  • Socials are always welcome

Contact: Discord: Lusaki#7268