[A] [Silvermoon] <Midnight Death Inc> [10/10HC] - LF DPS for late night Heroic Raiding

< Midnight Death Inc > [10/10HC] is a late night, Heroic-only Raiding Guild in Shadowlands, aiming to clear and steadily farm all Raid Tiers as a complement to many of our players’ other activities, such as M+ and PvP.

We’re looking for a few DPS to bolster our Core Raiding Team, mostly thinking ahead for the 9.1 Raid.

Raids are usually scheduled twice per week, on Thursdays and Tuesdays, from 10pm to 1am server time.
In farm mode (as we are right now) we only do the Thursday raids, and we also use the raid skip to go only for the last bosses.

We also ask for the bare minimum of 210 ilvl to hop on our Castle Nathria HC runs, but you can always join us before that threshold and work towards it.

Please reach me out in-game or on Bnet with the BTag Galogon#2302

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Bump, we are still looking for a few more dps and another healer to get our team to a stable size. Feel free to contact me in game as well if Felyssra is offline.

My battle tag is Vakna#2827

I would like to join on my balance druid (currently on Argent Dawn but can transfer) but I work till 11 pm :<

Bump, recruitment still open for one or two spots.

Bump, we now have our third healer and a solid amount of people for the raid team. However, we are going to keep recruitment open if people are interested in what we offer. Don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Hi there,

Added you in BattleNet :wink:

Ing Kamahlz.


UPDATE: Looking for a few DPS to strengthen our team.