[A] Silvermoon - Shadow Priest with Rsham alt looking for mythic raiding guild


I am a professional in my late twenties looking for a mythic raid guild to play with for season 2 and further of dragonflight. Like all of us, I have a busy enough life around WoW that I am looking for a raid guild to play with to do mythic + dungeons and raiding 2 nights a week (ideally!). I would bring with me a shadow priest and a resto shaman. Spriest geared to 418 ilvl and Rsham to 413 at the moment. I am a team player and like to share what I can so we can all have fun - including enchantments and raid prep etc… :slight_smile:

I have played WoW since the end of B.C. and raided the highest / hardest content since WoTLK introduced hard modes - I love to play the game, have fun and optimise my play to do well and share that with guildies and make friends along the way. I recently returned to WoW for DF and unfortunately the guild I joined opted to end their mythic raiding after 2/8m in season 1.

Please add me on discord if you want to message me about a guild, or on battlenet:

Discord: Smudge#4792
Battle.net: Smudge#21387

I cannot attach links to the post, but I have logs for my main, Megunn the Spriest - please note that I have been more active with mythic + this season due to our guild choosing to stop mythic raiding after a few weeks :slight_smile: as well as logs for the last time I raided prior to DF.

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