A simple solution to the problem of premades on epic battlefields

As we know, premades queue up in groups of 5 people on the leader’s command “1-2-3”, and enter the battlefield only if all groups have proc’d at the same time, if at least one group has not proc’d, the leader gives a command to cancel the queue and they do it all over again.

So how can we solve the problem of premades?

Here’s what I suggest: If you sign up for an epic battlefield as a group, then when you get to the battlefield your group takes a random faction(alliance\horde)

How would this help solve premades?

Example: Raid of 25 people, divided into 5 groups, coordinating in voice chat queue up for an epic battlefield, once on the battlefield, the system automatically disperses these groups into different factions, resulting in a premade divided and playing against itself, while losing the meaning of the premade

In this case, for solo players, or players in a group of 2 to 5 people, the game on the epic battlefield will not change in any way.

Thank you for your attention, I apologize for my English, I used a translator.

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Then you’d just see synced sabotage happening on a regular basis, these players will try every vile trick in the book in order to avoid any actual PVP

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I doubt that.
Let’s assume a premade community consists of 5 groups a 5 players, they queue sync and all get into the same round.

15 end up in Horde.
10 in Alliance.

Since there are more premaders in Horde than in alliance, they tell their members in the opposite team to be as ineffectual as possible, sabotage their team and let the horde win.

It would still be a one sided win for one faction, but with the difference that only 60% of the premade raiders get a win. The purpose of premade raiding is to win every single round. One could easily achieve a win rate of 60% and higher by just taking one group of decent players who play objectives into the round, making all this organization unnecessary and obsolete.

This is why I think this would be a very effective solution in combating premade raiding.

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If my premade asked me to do that I would leave instantly, I think most people would agree with me in my particular premade.
Regarding some other “premades”, people are paying for spots in their raid BGs, their leaders are under pressure when they play and lose against us, imagine what pressure they get when they have to tell their paying players on the minority side to lose on purpose :sweat_smile:

Cross-faction BGs, as proposed here, would be very effective. Cross-faction BGs “should” also make queues shorter, which on the other hand is nicer for premades to sync queues. Say a premade gets split in 10 vs 10, 10 could leave, switch to another char and queue for another BG, get insta invite, and then try again as 20 in the next round. Or everyone switches to next char (if enough available) and try again, since its a fast queue. In practice, I imagine this scenario going more like that, than people actively sabotaging the enemy faction.

But as a sidenote: If Blizzard implements cross-faction BGs it will be due to a lot of other reasons, not necessarily because of premades :wink:

Tbh they should probably just make all random BGs random faction. It would reduce queue times and allow blizzard to start applying some level of team balancing. Load random people into a BG them sort them into two teams of roughly equivalent average pvp ilvl.

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Just goes to show how little people think of the values of those playing in premades, we just expect that you’d sell your mother’s kidneys for a free win.

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