A skill from BFA or Legion

Sorry for being abit cryptic…

Priests had a healing spell in BFA or Legion. It was a yellow sphere I think was healing party memebers.

  1. what is it called? if you know what I’m talking about

  2. Will it return in dragonflight?

Thx in advance

Prety sure you’re reffering to the Bubble from Disco priests?
It doesn’t heal but reduces damage taken.

No idea if it’s in DF, but I’d be suprised if it wasn’t.

Or are you talking about the bouncy ball Holy priest has right now?

None of them… Hmm it was following you around. A sphere that healed or stored healing in it. Omg it’s difficult to explain :joy:

Maybe the healing well? It looked like a gold bowl kind off thing following you around. :rofl:
It used to store overhealing and then release it on low health allies.
I am trying so hard!


In BFA there was a sphere produced with the necklace hearth of Azeroth, it produced it and followed you around, it had the same colours yellow with a bit of blue that stored healing. So you think it is this sphere ?

I’m sorry I do not remember the name but I didn’t see something like this it in the futures DF talents for priests.

That is the Well of Existence I spoke about above.
I am prety sure this is what he ment aswell!


Is he maybe referring to prayer of mending?

You are spot on, thank you. It is that spell

Shame it’s not in dragonflight. I really liked it

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