(A) Social Tragedy 8/8 HC, 1/W, Recruiting

(Phillie) #1
Are you tired of raiding 3 days a week without the progress to show for it? Do you have trouble committing to more than 1 night a week but don’t want to flap about in normals?

Social Tragedy (8/8 HC) is a casual guild made up of long time raiders with the core from vanilla. We’re small but social. We did 10-man heroic (mythic) up until WoD but has because of dwindling numbers not been able to get back to it which is something we’d like to change.

The aim is not to get cutting edge but at least get some decent progress into mythic where we now have to stop progression a couple of months before the next tier because we've cleared HC.

We’re primarily looking for rshaman/rdps but all classes are considered. We raid once a week on Mondays 20:00 – 23:00. contact Seppe #2387 in-game for a chat.

(Thechief) #2
Hey you.

Me and my bf stoppet WoW a couple of years ago, after 7 intense years with raiding. My bf was RL, and I was GM. We had about 30-40 active players, did webside with DKP - the works.

We are now back in the game, but not on the same lvl as before we had our kids..

My main atm is my hunter. I played tard/DK and druid healer back in the days.
My BFs main is warrior tank (Jonsonn) atm, he also has a shaman healer, priest healer and his mage.

We always read tacs, watch fatboss guides or whatever is required..
Now were just doing some Mythic+, but we miss the social part and plying with skilled people, like ourselves :)
Maby we could be a match? Ill try to catch u later on. Im always on with Thechief if you wonna catch me first.

Ttyl. (And yes my helm is hideous!)


(Fräulein) #3
We are not social.. Contact one of us ingame if youre interested. Need all classes, just well-performing people who can show up once a week.

(Seppe) #4
send people!


Still raiding once a week and looking for more people for the new raid. Clearing normal fast once, then start heroic. All classes welcome. Contact any one of us ingame to learn more.