[A] SOM guild - Out of Mana (OOM) *Late night raiding*

The history
Out of Mana (OOM) is re-establishing for WOW Season of Mastery and has a strong core of retail, vanilla and classic wow experienced veterans that have cleared all content competitively.

Our backbone consists of real life friends that have played together since vanilla. Our aim is to build a new iteration of this guild, clear SOM content and get ourselves ready in preparation for future classic expansions (hopefully WOTLK).

For you to know
Faction: Alliance
Guild Name: OOM (Out of Mana)
Loot Distribution: Loot council

Raiding Schedule (SERVER TIME)
00:00 to 03:00
Two days per week

What we’re looking for

  • You should be mature, friendly and respectful
  • Have a confident level of spoken English
  • Have a working microphone
  • Be available for 100% raid attendance
  • Know your chosen class proficiently

We understand that real life commitments exist, which is why we have created a night raiding guild, a haven for players to still raid at an elite level whilst managing the day to day running of a job, your business, or family.

If you want to be apart of a friendly, reliable, competent, tight-knit coalition of veteran players, please add me on BNET Nez#2406 and let’s discuss things further.

Add me on Battle.net: Nez#2406

A word of warning for anyone thinking about joining this guild.

Nez and Mavz, the “real life friends that have played together since vanilla” that are trying, and hopefully failing, resurrecting this guild raided with Seven Sins on Golemagg Alliance EU in Classic WOW.

Nez was a rogue and rerolled priest, he was a serial quitter and reroller.

Mavz was the healing officer from the start of classic untill mid naxx and was the recipient of the first Atiesh.

After getting the weapon Mavz deleted every channel in the guild discord and tried to frame another officer. He also kicked everyone from the guild ingame.

He deleted everyone from discord and when we contacted Nez to ask what happened with Mavz he says he was hacked, working up north ATM and will be back in 1-2 weeks.
Well that was 1 year ago. Must be a big job.

TL:DR The leaders of this guild got Atiesh then proceeded to delete the guild discord and kick everyone from the guild they raided with for 1.5 years.


Prolly will pay all raiders monthly with the money made from selling Atiesh account KEKW.


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