[A] Sons of Nzoth - Searching for members, of whatever race and level


To whom may this may concern.

An opportunity, for members of the Alliance, any race, any class, any level, any play style.

We, the Sons of Nzoth are looking for members to join our guild on the Argent Dawn server.

MAYBE - You’ve played WoW previously, and now you are at a point where you want to get more serious, you want to perfect or gain some mastery over your character, I for one don’t have time to do things half-heartedly, and neither do I want too.


Because I am addicted, and I need to feed my addiction, not dabble with it.

Who are we?

We are a reasonably new guild, but not new to World of Warcraft.

We are a guild with certain members who are profoundly interested in the Lore of the World of Warcraft including its nature. We are lovers and fans of HP Lovecraft, who after all is the main influence behind the lore of WoW;
Love(craft)/War(craft) - Synchronicity.

Our plans

We have a few; We have plans to do mythic and mythic + dungeons and raids, but none of us are there yet, we are mostly still leveling; questing, running dungeons together to arrive toward that point, all while getting to know each other.

Progression and Experience

As said above we’re a new guild, and most of us are all still leveling and preparing, and so our progression of raids is non-existent, and that is why this is an opening, to join the start of a future of development and search for our Mythic team. Even if you have had no raid experience or your max level, yet you still aren’t part of a guild and just PuG, we’re particularly reaching out to you, come and be a part of something new and well-to-do.

Still - That is not our sole aim, we also are heavily inspired in creating a family and a connection as a guild, a belonging, a home, a friendship, a place to evolve, an outlet from the outside world. However, none of that can happen without the one most essential thing, Yourself.
We are looking for your engagement, your participation, and most of all you as a person, your opinions, your banter, your stay, appetite, and creativity.

We remain more of a PvE guild as we love the environment, questing, and progression in PvE content, but that is not to say that we don’t participate in PvP, it’s just not our primary focus. However, if a member of the Horde is troubling you, or even attempts to! Just let the guild know, and we’re right by your side.


It is a crucial time in the game, and an opportunity for ourselves and others to commit to being a part of a stable guild, especially with Vanilla on the horizon, we have a firm intention to create a guild on a server when the launch happens and continue our adventures and progressions together.

Times, Time Zones, and Schedules

As we’re not raiding yet, we cannot speak on this, but I should think we are going to be doing content mostly in the evenings and on the weekend, Two to Three times a week

Speaking of - Time

Members in the guild are going at all different speeds. Without heirlooms, entirely equipped with heirlooms, and some are 120 doing dailies and gearing. Therefore, wherever you’re at with your character(s) and whatever you spend your time doing is not a problem.
The point I’m attempting to get at here is that what should cause us to come together as a guild is the love for playing WoW. Moreover, that’s not to assume that the person with no heirlooms won’t ever reach max level and raid, he/she is just taking their time, and it’s okay because he/she enjoys that and we give him as much time and support as he or she needs.

Contact Information

There are a few members you can contact if you have any concerns, questions, or even as a request to be invited to the guild if I am not online.

-Tellon-Guild Leader-btag shadowstorm#234855

  • Fyrux- Officer-btag punchfire#2303

We have a discord too which you receive information on upon joining.