[A] - Spirit - Experience Leadership - Recruiting 8/10 Phase 2

Welcome to Spirit.

Bringing the community feel back into the game whilst maintaining a strong level of raiding.

Welcome everyone :slight_smile: We started this guild at the start of TBC to create a strong atmosphere and make some good friends to enjoy the game with. We have since build a very strong raiding team, Phase 1 3/3 Phase 2 7/10 (So Far)

We are a small group of old friends who have cleared a lot of mythic content on retail and have raiding routes back to the original TBC. We have years of experience in running guilds and making sure things are run smoothly and professionally whilst also maintaining a strong friendly feel to socialise.

We are recruiting like minded individuals to join our raiding team, clear content, make friends and have fun :slight_smile:

What we expect from you?

  • Experience in raiding at a strong level
  • Gear is a strong start, but experience and skill is valued more
  • Preparation (i.e knowledge on new fights, pots, food, flasks, etc)
  • Fully gemmed and enchanted (Rare Gems in P1/P2 BiS is a must)
  • Punctual. Make the raid nights, be on time and give a good heads up if you are unable to make it (95% attendance)
  • A good attitude. No elitists. Bring good vibes and spirits and accept that some times it’s just not your night
  • Discord App installed on your smartphone so we can contact you if needed at any time

What you can expect from us?

  • Organised and fair raid nights. (Google Docs for positioning, roles and timings to save time during our raids)
  • Strong Raiders. We expect everyone to pull their weight, or be replaced.
  • Loot Council (With more raiders than officers, to ensure fair Distribution, Loot is given out on different parameters such as, Attendance, BiS Lists (WoWHead), Suitability for guild needs (More healing / Dps / Threat etc, which will help the raid) (This is done purely for the Teams interest and create issues on further bosses that have dps / healing requirements)
  • No hierarchy when it comes to loot or raid spots, Best Setup possible.
  • Good vibes and friendly people.

What are we Recruiting?

If your class is not listed below but you an experienced, dedicated and skilled raider then please reach out.


Priest (Specced in to Divine Spirit)

Range DPS:
Ele Shammy

When Do We Raid?

Wednesday 19:30 - 23:00
Monday 19:30 - 23:00

Please reach out to me on Bnet for more information or a trial spot.


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