[A] <Square One> [Real-life friendly] are recruiting

Region: EU
Server: Bloodfang PvP
Language: English
Guild size: 150+ members and growing

How do I join?

Either reply to this post, or contact me on any of the following:

  • Discord: Expecto#0366
  • BattleNet: Expecto#2741
  • In-game: Expecto (Bloodfang-EU)

About us:

Square One is a place that veterans and those experiencing World of Warcraft for the very first time can play together and have a good time. We have a mix of interests, so PvP, PvE and Raiding will all be options for you here.

Some of us have been playing since the very beginning, so while that might mean we’ve got some great experience to share, it also means we’ve grown up a lot over the years, and are acutely aware that people have lives outside of the game. We create an environment that encourages everyone in the guild to play together and progress, but we will never make you feel under pressure to login or join specific events. We’re all here to have a good time, and we’ll be happy to hang out with you whenever you can make it.

What’s happening right now?

We’ve just started BWL after comfortably clearing MC and Onyxia every week. We’ve got a few slots open, particularly for Fury warriors, but will gladly accept anyone who wants to join.

Plans for Raiding:

We raid BWL on Wednesday and Saturday, from 8pm-11pm. We’re also continuing to clear MC on Thursdays to help guild members and alts gear-up.

Loot rules are a DKP system that rewards people for their efforts. We will never implement loot rules that are “best for the guild, worst for the individual”. Everyone wants to kill bosses and get loot, and we intend for everyone to have a fair shot at the items they want.

Who we are:

  • A new team formed for Classic, comprised of players with various levels of experience.
  • A team who are always happy to support each other to overcome challenges.
  • Hungry to progress, but never to the detriment of the team’s enjoyment.
  • Supportive of your real-life commitments; happy when you can make time to join us.
  • Encouraging our members to run activities that interest them - fancy leading your own PvP team? Or a Twink Army? Perhaps you have a great idea for a community event? Go for it!

Who we are not:

  • A hardcore raiding guild.
  • Making unreasonable demands on your time.
  • A high pressure environment.
  • Dictating who gets what loot and when.
  • Selfish players interested in our personal progression over others.

In closing…

If this sounds like your kind of thing, please get in touch. We’d be happy to welcome you to the team!

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