[A] STORM RIDERS - Ravenholdt/Defias cluster - recruiting all levels/classes

Storm Riders (est. 2007) is a social gaming community with members enjoying PvE/raiding, PvP, and light RP in WOW and other co-op games. We also run a Storm Riders Minecraft server for members only.

Our Discord server invite: discord.gg/5EBWRSC

Age range 21yrs right up into 70’s - we’re quite a diverse bunch of gamers :sunny:

RAIDING: Dedicated nights on Mondays and Thursdays.

PVP/BGs: Dedicated nights on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

ROLE PLAY: We’re a light RP guild - monthly guild meetings in-game involve some role play. New RPers welcome and we.re happy to teach RP basics. Dedicated RP night is Tuesdays.

Our ranking system is based on activity and helpfulness - not time in guild. New members start at Seeker rank for a 14 day trial period. During this time we ask new members to read/sign our guild rules on Discord and show some activity. If a player fails this simple task, or deemed inactive then they will be removed from the guild in due course.


  1. RESPECT all players regardless of their race and faction.
  2. DEFEND each other against outsiders. Our bond is our strength.
  3. DO NOT spam chat channels or in-game /say
  4. DO NOT use racist or abusive language.

Leaving the Guild

  1. If you leave the Guild in friendship you are welcome to return.
  2. Any alt characters will be removed when you remove your main character.

Termination of membership

  1. Breaking guild rules in such a manner as to bring disrepute to our guild.


  1. If conduct is serious and disruptive to Guild members or other players.
  2. The member refuses to obey an officer’s instruction i.e. telling them to stop breaking the rules.

Interested? Then please apply via the Guild Finder in-game, or contact any guild member.


Storm Weaver