🇩🇰 [A] [Sylvanas] <Entusiasterne> a large Danish community of 120+ accs


Entusiasterne is a Danish national guild that was formed approx. 1½ years ago in preparation for the release of WoW Classic.

For the entirety of Classic, the guild has been Alliance on [Firemaw] and have had two active raiding rosters, with an active social community.

With the release of Shadowlands, we seek to expand into retail. The initial plan is to form a community/social guild on Sylvanas and take it one step at a time, depending on how many active members we end up with.

We have a very active Discord, so whether you intend to be a part of the actual guild on Sylvanas, or just seek to tab into a large Danish Alliance player base, feel free to hit me up and get access to our Discord’s retail section.

Discord contact info: Daxt#2890

we are still looking for more players!!

Still welcoming more Danes.

The initial plans include regular Heroic raiding and all the smaller scaled content (M+, PvP, etc).

Fell free to join our Discord / join the ingame community.