[A] SYLVANAS EU <RIDDLE ME THIS> 6/10 H. Recruiting for Mythic

Riddle Me This are looking for a few extra dps classes to bolster our roster when heading into Mythic. We achieved 4/10 Mythic in Nathria and are now looking to build on that further going into the new raid having had a 2 month break at the end of the current patch

What we are about

We are a social bunch who take a relaxed but dedicated approach to raiding. We expect all raiders to be knowledgeable and prepared for our raids. We also want you to enjoy yourselves. This is supposed to be fun after all
We are looking for players who have previous experience in raiding or at the very least are fully prepared, knowledgeable and ready to learn

What we are looking for

We are currently on the look out for the following specs but will consider all dps roles:

Ele/Enhance Shaman
Ret Paladin

Disc priest

Raid Times

Our usual raid times are Wed/Thurs 8.30pm-11.30pm server time. Sunday/Monday is an optional guild night for rated pvp/achievement runs or alt runs.

If the above values suit you please get in touch on battle net or in game:

BN - Jaycea#2153
Characters - Jaymay

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