(A) Tank/DPS LF Raiding guild

Hi there guys!

I am looking for a new home on Silvermoon :slight_smile:

I am looking for raiding guild with at least 2 raiding days, preferably even 3 days. I am also interested in running guild m+ runs and socialise on Discord as well. I am 27 years old, from Czech Republic working in IT. I am active every single day mostly at evening.

I have a lot of raiding xp from the past tiers. My biggest success was 11/12 Nya Mythic on my tank. Before that, I was active in all tiers except Uldir. I am actively tanking keys as well and trying to push as much as possible. I have also started on my Balance Druid alt which is 175 right now and I am planning on raiding with it as well.

I would like to join as tank tho since most of my mythic exp is on the tank. Guild success is my main goal and I will do my best to achieve that. I am looking for a guild to achieve CE on every tier. I don’t mind guild with lower progress than mine and helping the guild to move in the ladder.

I am fluent in English, have working mic and Discord ready :slight_smile:

I am not interested in transferring since a lot of my chars are on Silvermoon :slight_smile:

Thank you for your time reading this and I am looking forward to speaking with you. :slight_smile:

TicTac#21383 for easier contact.

Heya Minijay,

Firstly, it’s lovely to meet you and you seem to be very committed to the game and also socially driven. Skylimits are a Silvermoon (Alliance) guild with both Social and Raiding Aspects. We raid Mondays and Sundays, 8 - 11PM Server Time.

Our current progress is 10/10NM and 1/10HC. though we have reasonable progress on both Huntress and Sun King. Discord and Mic for a tank is an absolute must, and it’s fantastic to see that you have both.

Our raiders are often pushing keys and looking for people to bring along. Myself and the raid council (Traxzy & Gotenite) are currently pushing M11+ and working on our Rio’s. We are also helping lower raiders get better gear and key progress where possible.

It would be wonderful if we could include you in our raid roster and community and even better if we can get you in and raiding from tomorrow if you’re interested in joining and getting started immediately :slight_smile:

If you would like to talk, I have sent you a Bnet Friends Request it’s the one from “FunkyCruncy#xxxx”

I hope that we can give you that place to call home and get the opportunity to progress with you and our team.

Best Regards,


Looking again :slight_smile: 12.2.2021