[A] Team Winning is Recruiting!

Well met!

Team Winning is a laid-back guild on merged DB/ghostlands/The Maelstrom/Deathwing/Karazhan/lightning’s edge. We’re looking for new members with a similar mindset to strengthen our raiding roster for shadowlands.
We are a guild that are looking to achieve curve for the current raid tier.

About us:

Team Winning was formed by a bunch of irl friends in vanilla and has has evolved into a group of online and offline friends wanting to spend time in WoW but also has a life outside of Azeroth.
We recently merged with a fellow guild that shares our goals and ambitions and are working together to raid and have a great time together!

Any class is welcome to apply, we’re currently under investigation of what we need but dont be shy as we’re not that picky :).

We offer:
A guild with m+ interest
Gaming sessions with party games outside of WoW
Many experienced players
Curve raiding with lax attendance and flexible times

We are looking for you that:

Want to pop a few beers, slay some dragons and enjoy some friendly banter
Want to raid 1-2 times a week
Come prepared to raid

If you feel like you’d be a good fit, please contact one of the following officers:



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