[A] Tenacity - CN 4/10M – Raid Boosting Service

Tenacity is reopening its well-established boosting service on Ravencrest. With over 600 unique customers, successfully boosted since the start of MOP, we aim to provide a competitively priced competitor to the traditional boosting services. We also offer access to a discount loyalty scheme for repeat business and a bespoke solution tailored to you or your party’s requirements.

Outline Pricing

Individual Bosses

  • Shriekwing/Huntsman/Hungering/Sun King - 150k
  • Artificer/Lady/Council – 200K
  • Sludgefist/Stone Legion Generals ­– 300K
  • Sire Denathrius – 375K
  • Generals + Sire - 675K


  • 3/10 Heroic – 375K
  • 8/10 HC - 800K
  • 9/10HC – 1000K
  • 10/10HC – 1200K

Please feel free to reach out to us directly if you have any questions. Please note that we ONLY accept gold for all transactions. Our reputation is our commitment to the safety of every transaction.

Please contact us: Kaeldon#21688 or Samael#2266

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